CONTEST: Win A L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT Makeover!

It's been a while since I ran a contest and I'm absolutely thrilled about this week's giveaway courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel. :)

The L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT is a salon exclusive, 2-in-1 straightening and gloss treatment. It's a sweet concoction of two (2) of the most advanced technologies created by Recherche Avanceé L’Oréal – X-TENSO MOISTURIST for rebonding/relaxing and the reinvented DIALIGHT for tone-on-tone coloration.  By joining my contest below, you might nab the chance to get this treatment for FREE!

Contest Mechanics (read very carefully!):

  1. You must be of legal age and a Philippine resident. You must also agree to have your final makeover photos taken which may be  distributed in a press release.

  2. Tell me through the comment section below why you deserve to win a L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment.. Best answer to be chosen by Mother Goose wins the contest.

  3. The contest starts today and ends on May 28, 2012.

  4. The winner will receive an email from me and must reply on or before 31 May 2012. We will pick the second best answer if the notified winner doesn't reply during the said timeframe.

  5. The winning candidate will win a FREE makeover using the Chroma Straight service, to be done in one of L’Oréal Professionnel's partner salons.

Ready to entice Mother Goose? Push those comments in stat! :) Need a little cheat sheet? Learn more about the  L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT by going to

EDIT 29 May 2012:

Congratulations, KELLY! Mother Goose chose your answer to be the best among all of the entries below. :) Hope to receive an email response from you before the 31st else we'll have to pick another winner.
Spent the last two years taking care of sick people as a doctor-in-training, leaving no time to pamper myself or even groom myself properly. The routine was always have shampoo and soap to get the grime and germs out then rush back to work, work, and more work. My hair’s been abused to the point that combing through it leaves broken strands around, and it looks dry, dull, and coarse. It used to look okay but now it looks worse than dead. Maybe a treatment will be a great reward for helping the patients get better, in time for graduation? :)
15 comments on "CONTEST: Win A L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT Makeover!"
  1. I deserve to win a L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment because my hair needs it badly. My hair is starting to curl from its root as it gets longer. The summer heat also started to make my hair frizzy and dry. As of now, I cannot afford to go to a salon and have my hair treated to make it straight because I am saving for my little brother who will be graduating in college this coming school year. I know that I must sacrifice a little for my brother. My dad and elder brother will also be celebrating their birthdays this month of May and June respectively so I am really in a tight budget now. My family is always my priority. So I am saving for them. As a budding blogger, this promo will also give me more confidence to attend and cover events. I am hoping to be picked! This will be a dream come true for my almost dying, lifeless hair. I know that only LOreal Paris can bring back the color and life to it! Thank you so much!

  2. I really can use the Chroma Straight Treatment. I'm a working mom with hardly any time to be having a straightening treatment AND coloring. I have hard to manage hair and lots of premature grays that make me look a lot older than I really am. Like many moms, these things take a back seat to more pressing expenses specially around this time of year (hello enrollment!)

  3. Since this is obviously expensive and being the usual stingy me, I think I deserve the L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment. I've been self rebonding (if there's such a term)my locks with the help of over the counter rebonding system from the trusted HBC, my trusted hair iron,clips and elastics which makes my hair straight and beautiful in less than a month, if I'm lucky. If I get picked, I will get to experience how to get straightening treatment with pros and achieve excellent results. Since classes are about to start, my scheduled salon visit after two months has been postponed until further notice to give way to Barbie bag, barbie notebooks and other barbie school supplies.. Thanks ;)

  4. Spent the last two years taking care of sick people as a doctor-in-training, leaving no time to pamper myself or even groom myself properly. The routine was always have shampoo and soap to get the grime and germs out then rush back to work, work, and more work. My hair's been abused to the point that combing through it leaves broken strands around, and it looks dry, dull, and coarse. It used to look okay but now it looks worse than dead. Maybe a treatment will be a great reward for helping the patients get better, in time for graduation? :)

  5. I gave birth to my first child last January and as proud as I am to have a beautiful baby girl, I can't help but notice how being a yaya-less working mom has really taken a toll on my 30 year old self. The struggle to lose the last couple of pounds, an angry red scar due to my Caesarian section (after laboring for 28 hours!), the clothes that no longer fit, the sleepless nights spent expressing milk and/or nursing an infant - all of these have really taken a toll on myself. It also doesn't help to see in photos how healthy, fit and relaxed I looked last year prior to getting pregnant! While my husband never fails to tell me how beautiful I am, I wish I too could see it for myself. The Chroma Straight treatment is a nice first step to looking and feeling good during this challenging yet wonderful new chapter in my life as a wife and mom. :)

  6. Growing up was tough(having a single mother and watching her struggle,making sure that her child grows up comfortably)that's why I've developed a habit of fixing everything around me ( office desk, drawers at home,my kid's toy storage racks... ) EVERYTHING!it made me feel like I was able to at least fix something in my life that I had power to, my hair is one of the things that I fail to manage and am now clueless as to how to make sure that re-bonding my hair every year will stop and eventually make my hair permanently or a little bit better looking than usual. When I became a young (single) mother, I was forced to work and had no time to go to clubs and even go out of town to relax, then came my second child (just a year and seven months ago), all the more that I was deprived of those relaxation moments :( I now work in a sales environment and meeting up with clients, making sure that I close the deal is imperative. One thing I know in this kind of job is that YOU gotta look good ( to get the attention that you want )I have always desired having a long, straight, thin hair. Being half Filipino and half Australian,I think I got most of my Australian genes, hair side LOL. My hair has very thick strands and had natural waves that looks undesirable.My mom would always tell me how I didn't want my hair combed when I was a kid playing in the streets and how badly my hair would go from all directions ( unmanageable ). I've spent thousands of pesos for three years now, wanting to have a long, straight and manageable hair. It would be one of the most priceless gifts ( besides my children ) a single mom like me to get a hair makeover from L’Oréal with their L'Oreal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment. I will forever cherish this treat if you kindly grant my request ^_^

  7. Hazel Grace BellenMay 16, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    I deserve to win this makeover because my hair is really frizzy and I can't get my "mama mary hair" straightened by rebonding.I can't really afford another hair rebonding right now because my papa is spending his hard earned money on our house construction. It's summer but I can't go out without a ponytail because my hair would look sabog. It's like I'm not combing or fixing it. My friends would just say "mahangin ba sa labas?". I want to blame my genes for not giving me smooth, long and beautiful hair. But I have to accept it. I'm quite disturbed on how my hair look without conditioner or shampoo. It will be dry without conditioner but too oily without shampoo. I've tried homemade treatments but all of these fail me. I'm graduating next year and finally I'll have a degree in Biology and the next step is to enroll to a good med school like plm. I want to have the confidence to flaunt my hair as I receive my hard earned diploma. Though I'm not graduating with honors, I still keep my grades high but I have to sacrifice few things like hair treatments.

  8. Beautifying myself is not in the priority list right now. Enrollment is fast approaching so I need to help my parents with their financial needs (without regrets :). I deserve to win this because simply, I can't afford this luxury as of the moment.

  9. I deserve to win a L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment because my hair is already long overdue for straightening. I have frizzy hair and I've been having them straightened every year. Since my husband took a job abroad late last year, I've been working double time as a working mom taking care of our household and our 3 daughters. Going to a salon, most especially, having my hair straightened has become a luxury. I actually haven't budgeted for this (hair straightening) this year. It would be a great treat if I win this which I haven't tried yet (looks expensive and luxurious). I deserve it, I know! It will also be a great surprise for my husband when he comes home this September.

  10. As a working mom to two highly-energetic boys (age 6 and 3), and a wife to a very busy husband, I rarely have time for myself. It has been over a year since my last visit to the salon. I badly need it, both physically and emotionally. I have long hair down to my waist (not by choice-- I literally have no chance to visit the salon) with twinges of stray white strands, begging to be styled and straightened. Winning this contest would be the ultimate gift of self-relaxation I could hope for, to provide a brief moment of "zen" for myself. Turning 35 years old this year is a humbling acceptance of my age, and I am sure this hair makeover can slash years off my looks. God knows I need it, as I face patients everyday in the hospital where I work in. It would provide major testimonial proof that L'oreal Professionel Chroma Straight hair product and service really works!

  11. I am working my way to being fit. I've been disciplined enough to do CrossFit tone my body and gain muscle - that's to feel more good, get strong and look great. From being stick thin, buns and thighs feel more tighter. Now wouldn't all that work deserve a great hair to match the new package? The L’Oréal Professionnel CHROMA STRAIGHT treatment is waiting for the fittest of them all and transform her to get that new sleek mid length bob! ;) Super hero sexy!

  12. I have to admit, my hair has been a source much misery & insecurity. When I was 10, we moved into an apartment across a barbershop w/c became the first branch of a chain of hair straightening salons. Born with coarse, frizzy hair, I saved my allowance & tried hairstraightening when I turned 12.

    Unfortunately, I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be blowdried, so after a haircut at another parlor & the mother of all blowdries, my short hair was burned to a crisp, wiry, weird mess! Being shy (& fresh from chicken pox too), I was teased to tears everyday! Though it traumatized & killed my confidence that time, God has helped me recover, w/c is why I can talk about it now.☺

    In 4thyear highschool, I found confidence in my love for soccer & joined the varsity. Spike shoes were so expensive so I borrowed an old pair my cousin wore 11 years back. It pinched my feet & got a few scrutinizing stares and giggles, but I was thrilled to look the part! I joined tryouts again in college but got hit by a jeepney while applying for a summer job. I was devastated as my muscles atrophied into jelly-like consistency & wasn’t able to go back to soccer. ☹

    In college, my wardrobe consisted mostly of dad’s shirts, mom’s leggings & the one pair of jeans I acquired because of CAT—until I met my boyfriend (now husband). ☺ We were both used to budgetary constraints, but he patiently picked piles during sales & found great finds for me.

    Since that time, God has blessed us & my hubby lets me have a hair treatment every now and then. I’ve tried Loreal extenso twice with oh-so-gorgeous results, but with the emergence of the vouchers, I tried other brands, which only ruined my hair. I’m decided to use no other brand than L’oreal.

    However, we haven’t had room in our budget since the time last year when a “family friend” swindled us out of our savings. We only later found out that her story about a cruel husband & her baby daughter who needed surgery was a much-abused lie to fool people into “lending” her money.

    Because of this, I got sick with a very bad cough for 2 months. Once, the veins in my eyes popped from the force and I needed help getting up from bed because of the pain in my mid-section. I was actually a little scared but I tried to hide it from my family because I didn’t want to risk spending for a battery of tests at the hospital or confinement.

    Even now, I have been working overnight for three straight weeks on an overload of projects taken on in order that we can pay our credit card (which we have lived on since) & have something for tuition. We have two kids and don't have a helper, but I am thankful to God for being able to work at home & the abundance of opportunities & the energy He provides to fulfill them.

    But I really wouldn’t mind a little pampering at the salon & looking good for meetings (& for my hubby). My hair is in such a terrible state & so many friends are shocked at the white hair that have sprung up, that’s why the L’Oreal Chroma Straight would be so perfect in addressing both the frizz & salt & pepper look. It would be an answered prayer, actually. ☺

  13. ugly duckling.. is what they always tell me.. maybe because im chubby *pandak* , big nose, and dry hair ( kahit gusto ko mag pa rebond, cant afford ko because im helping my mother for the tuition fee of my brother, for me kasi family first..)
    i dont have self confident..
    as a technician i need to always look good maybe not sa face but sa hair, parang pag maganda kasi ang hair mo magandang maganda ka na rin nadadala ng buhok natin ang sarili natin..
    winning in this contest will add self confident sa akin..
    thanks po and Godbless..

  14. As a child born with naturally curly hair in an era when the idea of beautiful is "thick, black, straight hair," it is hard not to lose my self-confidence at a very early age. I was always envious of my cousin whose hair is model-perfect. So back then, I, accompanied by Mom, went to different salons who all refused doing a hair straightening treatment for my hair for one very apparent reason: I was too young to undergo such. Fortunately (or unfortunately rather) one salon gave in.

    So there I was, the third grade student in a room full of young adults and professionals, with a big smile plastered on my face because finally, I am "IN." Little did I know that what I was doing back then is huge mistake: after a few months, I ended up having a "walis" hair - dry, frizzy, full of split ends - which will be my crowning glory until high school.

    I've been called by a lot of names because of it - my guy friends even labeled my hair as "horsetail" (a plant) right after knowing its existence during our 2nd year Biology class, and I have to live with it until graduation. Finally, fast forward to my first year of college and with the help and support of a friend, I gave in to hair rebonding. Yes, the rebonding treatment is nice (I've already done it thrice) and it leaves my hair soft, smooth and tangle-free for the first months but I would have to endure having a dry, rough, damaged hair thereafter.

    Now that I am working, hair rebonding treatment is more of a necessity than vanity for me. (This is my first job.) I work in an industry where you have to meet clients and work in their premises every now and then. I have to be as presentable as I can be. My next rebonding treatment is long overdue since the last one was almost a year ago. I've inquired through various salons that recommends L'oreal X-tenso to be because it works best for chemically-treated hair.

    I need this now more than ever. Please grant me this makeover. :)