Iza Calzado: Blooming and Glowing from the Inside and Out

Last March 18, I had a very hearty lunch way up North (that is, for a southern gal like me) at Thaipan. It seemed to me that Thaipan’s an old house that was transformed into a restaurant that burst with a lot of rustic feats and its own flavour of beauty.

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I had 2 rounds of the pomelo salad and chicken satay with peanut sauce because it’s so good. Apart from good food and beautiful ambiance, I must say that I also spent the afternoon talking about beauty, lifestyle, and fitness with of the country’s top billing actors, Iza Calzado.

dress by LUCA, shoes by Charlotte Olympia

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Iza and I have something in common: we’ve hard-battled teenage excess weight. When she was a teenager, she nearly weighed 200 lbs. Me? I was playing 140-15o lbs. In order to shred so much weight before I hit college, I had to monitor everything I eat, drink, and snack on. I also got into field hockey and swimming which definitely made my cardio rounds easier. Iza shares: “I became fit by running, weight training, and occasional dance classes and pilates.  If I have time I’ll try any activity at least once to get a feel of it.” She also tries to have as much vegetables as she could and is currently trying kettlebell (or girya) to further define her figure. Today, Iza spends most of her time working, shooting, taping, recording or rehearsing. We had to ask: how do you find time to squeeze some workout in?

Iza casually answers: “It’s all about finding time to do it, having no excuses whatsoever.” She further explains that having the correct mindset helps a lot. Some people look at the task (working out) as something they can’t do before they even try. She exclaimed “It’s all about the I-can-do-it attitude!”. I couldn’t agree more.

Working very long hours in the evening, shooting under harsh indoor and outdoor lighting, and waking up a little too early in the morning takes quite a serious toll on one’s skin even with regular workout and balanced diet. Seated less than 4 feet away from Iza left us in awe as we stare at her skin’s tip top condition. When we asked her the secret behind her young, creamy complexion, she shared: “I have a very simple skin care regimen. Too simple, actually. I just use a simple cleanser (AM/PM) especially if I put makeup on for work followed by toner and moisturizer. That’s about it! Just water, water, water the entire day, vitamins, take as much rest as I could, and of course, workout.”

Apart from her high-rating primetime TV soaps, print and TVC shoots, and month-long hosting stint at Eat Bulaga, Iza surprisingly still finds time to support Gawad Kalinga. She compassionately said “I have so much faith in their cause.  I believe that their vision is possible and could be one of the best things that could happen to the country when it comes to fruition.” Apart from GK, Iza also supports kids with cancer. “I’ve always had a soft spot for kids with cancer because I feel that they get so much hope from every person that reaches out and helps them.”

Iza and her showbiz friends at a Gawad Kalinga site
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Apart from her beauty that goes more than skin deep, this long and growing list of credentials earned her yet another title being the new face of Myra 400E. Iza without a doubt embodies the epitome of beauty Myra 400E stands up for — the kind that of beauty that radiates from within.

We asked something pretty juicy: did she really try Myra 400E prior to endorsing it?

She said yes and after continued use, people just started compliment her that she’s glowing and blooming. She mentioned something about Myra 400E that interest me the most: this antioxidant is not synthetic but natural vitamin E (D-ALPHA TOCOPHEROL). This is good news for us because natural vitamin E like Myra 400E stays longer in our bodies therefore can continuously renew the cells from within giving us longer lasting beautiful, younger-looking, and glowing complexion. Apart from great skin, d-alpha-tocopherol’s antioxidant effects also help protect against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders and improve nerve functions and help prevent onset of neuromuscular degenerative diseases. I clearly reckon these hard to pronounce terms from my neurologist when I was checked in a hospital a couple of years ago due to stress that caused me to collapse and ultimately not function at all. Stress is definitely part of our daily routine and it’s good to know that there are antioxidants that can help us fight it from within.

Photo by Jerome Ascano/NPPA Images

To close our interview we asked her some beauty-slash-makeup related questions. We found out that like most of us, she loves MAC makeup and NARS blush in Orgasm. While she’s a big fan of the natural, post-gym flush, she also loves Allison Rafaelle’s Inner Glow Gel Blush (I personally use the shade called WITTY). She shared that ultimately, she believes that she’s constantly blooming because she hydrates herself the entire day with nothing but good old H2O, surrounds herself with positive vibes, loves and is loved by her beau to the brink, and lives a healthy and fit lifestyle which includes her daily dose of Myra 400E.
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