Leyende Lift Off Natural Peel-Off Face Masque

When was the last time you’ve been to a tea party? Or should I say -- when was the last time you’ve been to a tea party this pretty?

Why yes — that’s a pink flamingo!

teacups, pearls, and Leyende <333

Leyende recently threw this tea party to introduce their latest concoction and I can’t help but be oh so giddy! This gorg installation at the Social Hall of One Roxas Triangle made me forget that I’m on a strict low carb diet. Candy apples + Iced Blueberry Green Tea from Tea.ology (which by the way has turned into an addiction)? Sign me up!

Going back to Leyende, even if I’m into road testing gazillions of products and retailing organic and natural finds, my loyalty to this local brand has never weaned off. Beach Bomb still transports me to the ocean in a spritz, Clean Slate erases all traces of dirt and stress in a few minutes, and Massage in a Bottle (LOVE LOVE LOVE the O’hara variant) still outperforms all of the sleeping aids I’ve ever tried. I guess you can tell that my answer was an easy (okay…more like resounding) yes when Neva Kares Talladen, founder and owner of Leyende, invited me for tea, sweets, and first dibs on their latest beauty treat.

Leyende Lift Off Natural Peel-Off Face Masque
95% ECOCERT-certified natural, sugar-based formulation that refreshes and stimulates skin renewal by infusion of active ingredients through a unique masque delivery system.

Recommended use: twice weekly.

INGREDIENTS: crystalline dihydrate sugar, starch polysaccharide, starch hydrosylate, deionized water, citrus peel bioflavanoids, rhodiola rosea root extract, fermented pichia pastoris yeast, calamansi extract, biovert enzyme and substrate (Ecocert-certified natural preservative)

Directions for use:

  1. After cleansing or exfoliating, use spatula to apply a thick layer of Lift Off over dry face, avoiding hair, eyes, nostrils and lips.
  2. Wait 10 minutes or until it almost completely dries.
  3. Press gently but firmly at the outer edges of the dried mask and slowly peel off. Use damp (not wet) tissue to wipe off residue. Do not rinse.
  4. Apply make-up or moisturizer as needed. Use sun protection before exposing skin to sunlight.
an instruction leaflet and spatula’s included in the box

I know what you’re thinking — what a beautifully packaged facial masque! Just handling the lift off (pun intended) box, frosted jar, and laminated label made me feel like a million bucks already. I was able to try the product at the back of my hand during the tea party and I liked the immediate effect: smoother, slightly brighter, and soft skin. I naturally hurried home to try it out on my mug and it didn’t disappoint. It made my skin so clean and soft in less than 10 minutes! I applied it after my shift too and I looked far less haggard. ;)

Leyende Lift Off Natural Peel-Off Face Masque is sold for Php 750 for 25g. Yes, it’s quite pricey compared to most DIY facial products. Its price has its rewards though. Apart from the product being generally safer than its cheaper yet synthetic counterparts, you’re also rewarded with 6-8 facial masque applications, and you’re giving back to our local community since all Leyende products are passionately handmade by Filipinas who are working toward their high school diplomas on a work-study program with School H.OU.S.E. (Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprise) Project spearheaded by Krie Lopez, founder of Messy Bessy. Now that’s being beautiful inside and out! :)
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