(The Gorgeous) Klar Joseph Cupcakes

Just before all of you signoff and fast out of the www, I have to show you my current lemming. It’s something I discovered early this month at the Best Food Forward summer food fair.

Red Velvet
S’mores//(melted) Chocotella

Majolica Majorca Cheek Customizer vs. Klar Joseph Red Velvet

Sad truth: as a baker of 18 years, I haven’t perfected my own red velvet cupcake recipe.  It’s always been my waterloo! :( I guess that’s why I’ve always been crazy about perfect red velvet cupcakes. By perfect I mean there’s enough chocolate to make me ask for more. To date, only two cupcakes’ve stuck out like a sore thumb on a rather positive note — the one from Sugar Daddy (quite pricey at 12 AED) and Klar Joseph’s.

Red Velvet
Where heaven and hell are at peace. Our favorite.

It’s a shame that it was melting hot in Manila when I went to the food fair that it prevented me to take photos of Chocotella. Its chocolate cake base filled with nutella mousse then topped with chocolate buttercream frosting is very dark and luscious (major win!). It might be too strong for some but I fell in love with it at first bite!

Chocolate cake with marshmallow filled topping. Traditional campfire treat.

S’more is super fun and comforting. I can totally picture myself having a vanilla latte al fresco with the usual beautiful, nutty, shopaholic suspects with this treat on hand. :)

Sugar and salt makes everything nice.

Need a little perk me up? Caramel’s what you need. Best paired with piping hot mocha, it’s salted just right making it a perfect kicker after a meal or a lazy afternoon.

Each cupcake cost me Php 65. Learn more about Klar Joseph’s cupcakes at The Spoon Is Flat (a must click for foodies). :)
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