Freebee Friday: Win an Aqua Mineral Nail Care Kit!

It's finally Friday! :) All of us've had a massively crazy week so I'd like to reward one of my dear readers a luxe DIY treatment kit (Php 1500 value) to try and love at home from Aqua Mineral:

Use Aqua Mineral Nail Care Kit just once, and you will be thrilled with your shiny, healthy-looking nails. Aqua Mineral Nail Care Kit will free you from dependence on professional care while saving time and money.

What's in the Kit?

  • Long Nail File

  • Rectangular Nail Buffer

  • Aqua Mineral Restora Cuticle Oil

  • Aqua Mineral Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion

Remove all nail varnish. Then wash and dry your hands and nails thoroughly and shape each nail using the long nail file.
Now, begin your professional manicure using the rectangular Nail Buffer to beautify each nail:

1. Dark Grey Side - buff the nail for 5-10 seconds once a month to remove surface ripples, ridges and stains.

2. Light Grey Side - buff the nail for 5-10 seconds once a month to smooth the nail surface and stimulate growth.

3. White Side - continue buffing for another 5-10 seconds to give your nail a wonderfully shiny look. Use every 2 weeks.

To prevent splitting and dehydration, apply a drop of Aqua Mineral Cuticle Oil around the skin of each nail. Follow your manicure by applying Aqua Mineral Velvet Touch Hand & Body Lotion. Your nails and cuticles will now have a wonderfully healthy and professional look.

*Caution: excessive use of the dark grey side may weaken the nail.

Here's how to snag the chance to bring this luxe kit home:

  1. This contest is open nationwide.

  2. LIKE the Aqua Mineral Philippines Facebook page.

  3. Tell me in the comment section below how you take care of your hands. Do you smother it with hand creme? Have them groomed by a pro? Is there a tip or two you learned from your grandma? Time to let the cat out of the bag!

  4. I will randomly choose the winner on January 23, 2012. I will have our friends from Aqua Mineral validate if the winner has indeed "liked" the page. Once verified, I will announce in this post who won and at the same time, shoot him/her instructions how he/she can claim the prize from the preferred Aqua Mineral store (Mall of Asia, Robinson's Galleria, SM Megamall, Glorietta 5, SM North Annex, SM The Block, SM Fairview, TriNoma, and Abreeza-Davao).

Good luck and start pushing those comments in! :)


Luz Dianne Lim

Please check your email for deets on how to claim your prize. :)

42 comments on "Freebee Friday: Win an Aqua Mineral Nail Care Kit!"
  1. I made sure to apply lotion after i wash the dishes and clothes,at night i apply petroleum jelly and wrap it with a towel. I groomed it myself because my fingers were "murdered" once! I won't let it happen again. I use "kamias" to clean my nails to make it healthy and strong.. its a tip from my grandma. ^_^

  2. To take care of my hands I always make sure I moisturize them. I wash the dishes daily and do laundry on weekends so my hands really need more TLC and I never fail to smother hand cream right after the handwashing/laundry. Even at work, I make sure to moisturize them after using the washroom. I can't leave the house without applying lotion & a tube of hand cream is really a staple in my bag. I can't stand dry hands that's why..I also have my manicure regularly. :)

  3. How do I take care of my hands?

    I always use hand lotion when I feel that my hands are dry due to office air-con and frequent alcohol usage. I use crushed bread with vinegar to get rid of the callus (just simply rub the bread with vinegar into your palms and let it stay about 2-3 mins, then rinse with water, you'll notice that your hands became soft. That's a tip I learn from my hubby, he has nice hands :D

  4. To take care of my hands I always see to it that I put lotion on it or hand creme. I usually do this every morning and night but if I feel it being dry, I apply again. Because of this, I have hand creme on my bedside table, on my office desk, in the bathroom, etc. I also have it groomed by a pro because I have found the one who really knows how to take care of my nails.

  5. Aside from a monthly visit to a nail spa, I pamper my hands by putting hand lotion daily. I especially like Kiehl's Hand Salve(keeps my hand moisturized all day) and L'occitane's shea butter hand cream

  6. I am really a nail-a-holic kinda girl. I truly believe that a girl should have clean nails (next to pearly whites)all the time so to take care my own, i make sure that i go to my fave nail salon and have it clean professionally every 2 weeks. I used my favorite body shop white musk lotion for my hands or passion fruit body butter coz they give more moisture and lastly, NO ACETONE OR ANY HARMFUL CHEMICAL for my polish to avoid yellowish nails.

  7. I always make it a point to have some cream or even petroleum jelly to smooth onto my hands; they always take a beating with harsh soaps or washes I use while working in the hospital. I'm on the look-out for nice nail treatments as well to strengthen them. I use calamansi to whiten the nails as well. :)

  8. I always use hand cream. it becomes a habit that after washing my hand I apply a lotion..once in a while I also use a home made scrub (I mix olive oil with brown sugar) :)

  9. i know i should take better care of my hands but i've started using hand cream since the new year rolled in. :)

  10. I always bring my Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve with me and apply it on my hands whenever they feel dry. I go to nail salons for mani and pedi and sometimes paraffin wax.

  11. Joining!

    I LIKED the Aqua Mineral Philippines Facebook page with my account Lu Bernardo Sawit.

    To answer your question, I take care of my hands by yes, smothering it with hand creme. But I groomed them by myself. I think if there is one tip that I can share with is, after days of polishing my nail, I let them breathe by having a rest from the nail polish plus I always put cuticle oil so that it will not turn dry.

    Marilou B. Sawit

  12. I've been using hand creams/lotions for some time, slathering them after my hands come in contact with detergents/dishwashing liquids. It's lotion with spf after baths. I've also come to prefer hand soaps that promise moisturization and dishwashing liquids that, according to their labels, are not as harsh as usual. I get salon mani-pedis too and I also do my nails at home.

  13. i only used petroleum jelly to moisturize my dry hands
    it works like magic talaga.. :)

  14. I take care of my hands by making sure that it is always moisturized. I sometimes buy hand creme but most of the time I just us an ordinary lotion. I haven't experienced having groomed by a pro but would like to someday.

  15. I liked the FB page (Karen Ang)

    I take care of my hands by applying lotion to keep it moisturized and by regular manicure sessions :) I also wash my hands constantly :D

  16. Hello!
    When I was younger (2nd year HS) I used to sleep with cocoa butter cream and gloves on. I wear plastic then gloves. It is so uncomfortable and hot but I still did it anyway :) coz it was worth it...

  17. Hi Phoebe!
    To take care of my hands, I have hand creams everywhere! Name it, I have it- in my bedside table, toilet, inside the car and even my hand bag!
    I am very OC with my nails so I usually trim and file it every other week. If I am in a salon, I make sure that my cuticles are not pushed or cut with a nipper because it protects our nails. I also have the habit of having my hands dipped in paraffin to seal in the moisture.

  18. I take care of my hands by using alcohol for fighting germs and lotion for smooth hands like a baby. =)

  19. I take care of my hands by regularly washing it with moisturizing soap. I am very particular with the soap I am going to use for my hands as it is essential that we be conscious about the chemical contents of what we're using. Also, aside from washing it regularly, I make sure I apply cream or lotion to soothe my hands and by applying lotion, means massaging it.

    Yes, massaging your hands is indeed an important tip I would like to share. It is almost always being taken for granted. We have body massage or spa and foot massage and spa. But we forget that our hands need attention also. Our hands have pressure points that when we massage it will help our body parts in functioning well. :-)

    Of course, having a regular nail trimming and pedicure will provide more enhancement for your fingertips. It will be an adornment for your hands.

  20. I use petroleum jelly and lotion at night plus I have my nails done by a professional every other week.

  21. I take care of my hands by simply :
    -Knowing how to clean my hands properly. I used warm water and antibacterial soap.
    -Washing my hands frequently before and after meals, after touching my pets, after going to the restroom, etc.
    -I exfoliate regularly.
    -Moisturizing by using lotion made specially for hands.
    -Trying to get a manicure every once in a while. Manicure really helps my hands and nourish my nails.
    -Being careful with what my hands is touching that causes my nail to break and become jagged.
    -Always keeping a hand sanitizer in my bag.

  22. I take care of my hands by putting on hand lotions and I always have a hand sanitizer to make my hands clean. I also make sure that my nails are trimmed and yes, I groomed them by a pro.

  23. I take care of my hands by putting some moisturizer on it and after taking a bath or washing the dishes or washing my clothes I never fail to put some lotion on it. But the most important thing I do to let my hands stay beautiful, I never over used it. When there are times that I over used it, I make sure that it will be massaged after the long day. It needs to rest as well.

  24. luning_ning(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I take care of my hands by drinking lots of water. Keeping them clean and moisturized. ^_^

  25. Moisturizing is very important so I always make sure that I put on lotion after bathing or washing my hands. I entrust my nails to only one manicurist. If she's not available, I'd do it on my own.

  26. I take care of my hands by sanitizing them as often as I can, weekly manicure, use of moisturizing hand cream every night and proper handling & exercise.

    Liked Aqua Mineral on Facebook as Gift Princess Quillopa Goden

  27. I don't do manis since my cuticles are too thin they chap my nail base and its painful...other than putting lotion after washing, I do treat them with petroleum jelly overnight and I wear thin winter gloves to cover them....

    Lovely giveaway, joining.

    liked Aqua on FB. (Verna Liza Luga)
    email: vlyluga [at] gmail [dot] com

  28. I take care of my hands by wearing a high SPF sunscreen on the backs of my hands every day, even on cloudy days. I wear gloves every time I wash dishes or handwash my clothing. I use a mild pH soap when washing my hands. Lastly, I put lotion on my hands after I wash them, every time!

  29. We always use our hands in our everyday task inside and outside our house so we need to take extra care for them. Our hands tells a lot about our selves as a person. To take care of my hands I always apply hand lotion everytime I washed my hands to restore lost nutrients and prevent it from getting dry. I do mani by my own because my skin is thin and delicate, so I don't want it to be hurt. I remember my Mom told me before going to bed apply petroleum jelly on my hands and wrap with plastic to make them soft and smooth. She also told me to put garlic on my nails if I want them to be strong and hard. I think I don't need the garlic on my nails anymore because of the Aqua Mineral Nail Care Kit.

  30. Hi! always apply hand cream or lotion so that my hands will remain soft. when my hands are tired, i let them rest first before washing.

  31. I use Crabtree & Evelyn's hand cream to make my hands soft and moisturized :)

    Facebook name: vintagekawaii onlineshop

  32. I am always fascinated with long fingers and beautiful hands. But I have fingers that look like sausages. So to compensate for that, I always make sure that my hands are clean. I always wash them- religiously like how the Department of Health has taught us in their informercials. I also apply lotion every after washing the dishes or doing the laundry. Most importantly, I apply sunscreen because I dont want my hands to have brown spots when I'm already old. :-)

  33. I also treat myself to manicure and hand spa (If i have extra money). Our hands deserve utmost care because they help us get things done. When I'm on a tight budget, i just buy nail polish. Sometimes I invite my best girl friend so we can apply nail polish to each other's hands. It becomes sort of a girl bonding. :-) Oh how i love getting manicures! hehe

  34. I always put lotion after I wash dishes or clothes(lalo na pag gumamit ako ng mga bareta) I wear gloves every time I clean the bathroom or do heavy housework. :)

  35. I always use a moisturizer after washing. I also use a hand cream with SPF. :)

  36. It's simple really! I trim my nails regularly. Since I always have nails polish, when I change every week, I make sure to lotion my hands/nails overnight before applying a new coat. The lotion I use is my body lotion haha. Also, the Bath & Body Works hand gel is very useful since I'm a Chemical Engineering student so I always deal with chemicals. Yun lang po :)

    P.S. My FB name is Ansherina Santos :D

  37. I wear gloves every time I wash the dishes and put lotion after. I go to a good spa once a month to treat my hands. :D

  38. I wash my hands with mild antibacterial soap and make sure to moisturize a few times a day by using a hand cream :) I also use a hand scrub weekly to remove dead skin cells and wear SPF everyday including my hands.

  39. After working with detergents and harsh soaps (were in PH balance of skin gets disturbed), I rinse my hand with vinegar and water solution or sour milk to regain the balanced PH level.

    To make my cuticles strong and for long healthy nails, I moisturize each edge of the fingernail with olive oil. Olive oil massage helps to give healthy and pink nails. And I eat gelatin too, it is good for health & nails and makes your nails grow longer and stronger.xoxoxoxo

    Jeniffer Gangan

  40. I use a hand scrub to remove all the dead skin cells from my hands at least once a week and I always put lotion to my hands hands after washing the dishes to keep them soft and smooth :D

    Mirzi Sarte

  41. They say that cleanliness and personality for girls are best showed by how they're nails and hands are seen. For me, I took good care of my hands by nails by always washing my hands with a soap that has a moisturizer ingredient, pamper them with a hand and nail spa at a salon and put on a hand lotion every now and then to keep them moisturize and soft. Lastly, whenever I get my nails cut and cleaned I bring my own nail kit materials and only use nail polish that are original and organic.

  42. Kimberly Camille TiuJanuary 23, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    lather lotion every night before sleeping