Me to my best friend (who's based in Cali): What should I try from Pinkberry?

  • Original = sweet + tart

  • Green Tea = fresh + light

  • Watermelon = crisp + refreshing

  • Mango = fruity + sweet

  • Pomegranate = bold + intense

  • Chocolate = rich + indulgent

Her: Try the original with coconut.

And so that's what I did yesterday. I queued up with these patrons to try my best friend's rec. You know you're stubborn when while on queue you ask for a chocolate sample (which by the way tasted line Chocolait).

Price list (fro yo only, fro yo with standard toppings):

  • Cone (3 oz): Php 115, Php 165

  • Small Cup (3 oz): Php 100, Php 155 (2 toppings)

  • Medium Cup (5 oz): Php 135, Php 220 (4 toppings)

  • Large Cup (8 oz): Php 170, Php 265 (6 toppings)

  • Take Home (25 oz): Php 515 (not available with toppings)

Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, swirly whip, peanut butter crunch, and milk chocolate crunch are considered luxe toppings (Php 40/serving).

my small Original Pinkberry fro yo + honey almond granola and coconut toppings (Php 155)

LOVE the coconut bits but the granola's kinda blah for me (maybe I'm used to the diversity of nuts and bits from White Hat's homemade Granola with almonds). The Original fro yo's close to authentic Italian yogurt but something's making me lean towards White Hat. I think it's the texture, Pinkberry's tad icy for my liking compared to White Hat plus well, the price. Php 155's pretty steep for a 3 oz cup of fro yo, don't you think?

Pinkberry promos

I think it will take a while for me to go back to Pinkberry after cup #1 (the price is a huge set back for me). Have you tried Pinkberry? What flavours or toppings would you recommend I try on my next visit (no mangoes, bananas, and kiwi please)? :)

Greenbelt 5, Makati City
11am - 12am

2 comments on "Pinkberry"
  1. I'd have to agree, it's pretty steep for that small size of froyo, bitin lang.

  2. Bessie, try the pistachio froyo with kiwi, mango, blueberry, almonds and mochi - if there's mochi :) it's yummy!
    sorry, you were not too happy with ur first Pinkberry cup.