Cheat Day Sunday at Manang's Chicken

Whenever I'm at Mercato with friends, we would one way or another have this bantering before ordering away:

Friend: What are you getting?
Me: 6 piece original from Manang's Chicken
Friend: Manang's again?!?
Me: *evil stare*

Why not chocnut?! Their double deep fried chicken's one of my favourite sins! LOL

357 days ago at Magallanes Village, Makati for the teaser of Best Food Forward 2012

*le sigh*

Almost a year after my last Manang's Chicken post, they have so much more to offer. My new favourite dish, while I didn't order it last Sunday, is the Sesame Beef Stew Rice Meal. Here's the massive feast I shared with a friend:

om nom nom nom

I naturally got my usual 6 piece chicken fix but this time I also got 3 of the mild spicy wings. My friend and I tried the new Garlic Pork Rice Meal. Its protein's a huge slab of deep fried pork chop topped with their signature, special garlic topping and complemented with a vinegar dipping sauce. We also had 2 of their new sides, Macaroni Salad and Buttered Corn. 'Heard the Dips and Chips were also good and it didn't disappoint. These stayed fresh for 6 hours after we're not able to finish 'em.

Dips and Chips with Garlic Mayo Dip, Creamy Cheese and Spicy Ketchup

To make us worthy of being officially hailed gluttons, we also had the Red Velvet Sundae. This is a limited offering this February 2013.

If I got you craving for Manang's Chicken's latest dishes, do visit their Facebook page to find a branch near you. :)

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