Daily Luxe: New and Improved Avon Skin So Soft Body Care Lines

When I flew to the US nearly 2 months ago, I knew exactly what I had to bring for both business and beauty. Below's my pop-up boudoir at the Sheraton. Love how I was able to bring everything I wanted to and a little more! :)

Whenever I travel, there are a few non-negotiables I must bring from my home:

  • Skin care – I can’t afford to risk 911 hives and breakouts!

  • Make-up brushes – Too expensive to buy if I forget my holy grail (HG) travel brushes from Charm Essentials (in Sonia above)

  • Contact lens solution – I find it absurd how expensive this is abroad!

  • Shower gel – 9/10 shower gels strip my skin dry

In lieu of my search for the HG shower gel, I’d like to share with you some 411 on the shower gel I brought to the US. You must be shaking your head in disbelief considering there are 101 drugstores and department stores I can actually nab some hard to get a hold of brands. Thing is, believe it or not, if something works and has reached HG level for me, I stick to it.

Avon Skin So Soft Firming & Restoring Rejuvenating Body Wash appears very no-BS. It’s sleek, simple and packed with gentle exfoliating beads. The magic based on my daily experience happens after you shower it off. Whenever I use this, my skin never feels dry whether I shower using too hot or too cold water (or even stay in the stall too long!). Thanks to the Babassu oil it’s got, my skin always feels well moisturized. Used with the Skin So Soft Firming & Renewing Hand and Body Lotion, its Triple Firming Complex formulation promises a firmer and healthier skin that can be seen and felt. I discovered this duo last October and I’ve only gone through 2 bottles each the last 4 months. Valentines day’s just right around the corner so if you’re looking for the perfect pamper-Phoebe-well present, please make it a year’s supply of Avon Skin So Soft Firming & Restoring Rejuvenating Body Wash. *puppy eyes, wide grin*

If you’re after whitening, do try the Skin So Soft Soft & White line. I’m a firm believer that this works because it also made my skin spotless and even. It's even come to a point where my body's whiter than my face (see below).

This is me yesterday, outdoors. Just before I reapplied my tanning concoction, I managed to snap my true skin tone. Yay or nay?

posted on IG (@phoebeannramos) yesterday
Me: pls take a photo of me & my lipstick.
Friend: sure! *snap*

If your skin's clamouring for moisture, try the Skin So Soft Silky Moisture line above. It contains the prized Argan oil that helps hydrate dry to extra dry skin.

The new & improved Skin So Soft lines are available exclusively through Avon Representatives nationwide. Log on to www.avon.com.ph to find out how to contact an Avon Representative. Follow us on Facebook.com/AvonPhilippines and Twitter via @AvonPH.
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