Sample Room Summer BBQ

More than another beauty review, I want to share some photos with you from a weekend with the girls some two Saturdays ago. It's yes, that time of the year when your favourite beauty bloggers are whisked away from the city and our laptops and enticed to just lounge and chika all day.

If you would recall, right around the same time last year, we spent an entire day under the sun (in multiple layers of sunblock of course LOL) at Pico De Loro. This year, we were gladly kidnapped and brought to Wilson's Place (Tagaytay). :) It was scorching hot when we arrived and you can tell what's the first order of business -- apply Belo SunExpert Sunblock! I tried their new mist and it's nice, ha! Lakas maka-goddess ng sheen nya.

Second order of business? Snack on like 2nd graders with some of our favourite nibbles and candies! :D

ps. our girl Sophie's calligraphy's skills are to die for!

It's nice to be able to regroup with our growing Sample Room fambam and get to know more about this year's getaway sponsors and upcoming brand collaborations. It's funny how we're silently squealing and skipping when we saw our weekend beauty and fashion treats! :)

Thank you all soooo much! <3

What's a summer barbeque without a pool party, yea? Just add water and we'll all go crayyy! :)

A quick shout out to all the brand partners that made this getaway a success -- BELO SunExpert, Atlas Towels, Fresh Look Contact Lenses, Henry's Professional, Jean and Rosz, Nekkid Manila, Orly, Sac People, Fujifilm, and Zenutrients! You guys are super awesome! :)
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