Dainty, Delish, and NEKKID

Not too long ago, when my good friend Sabs gushed that she's sending me some of her NEKKID babies, I was over the moon! It's been a while since I got excited over natural and organic beauty products because really, after blogging for some 12 years, I thought I've tried them all. NEKKID though, proved that claim to fame to be wrong.

Aove is what I'd like to call a must-have beauty arsenal. Except for the Nourishing Lip Balm (which I got from the Sample Room Summer BBQ), Sabs was been generous enough to let me try her latest concoctions from head to toe. Let's break the haul down, shall we? :)

Nekkid Lips Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub (25g, Php 200)
Nourishing Lip Balm (15g, Php 200)

Before anything else, I'd like to warn you that this post will have adjectives all over to describe how delectable these NEKKID goodies are. Some products are scented, others are not (which really, is perfectly fine). Those scented haven't one bit failed me. These lip products for one are too delish -- so hard to keep myself from eating them! :) The lip scrub's perfect for that twice a week lipover while the lip balm's tickled in melon scent. It's a nice surprise in the world of vanillas and peppermints!

Natural Non-Foaming Face Milk (Unscented, 200ml for PhP 380)
Thirsty Face: Tomato and Aloe Face Serum (50ml, Php 400)

Since I got these skin care products, I've been looking forward to using them when I get up and when I'm ready to retire. The unscented Natural Non-Foaming Face Milk is a dream to use. It doesn't aggravate my pimples (although I wish it would help my skin heal faster) and it's comfortable to massage all over my face and neck. Thirsty Face is a nice supplement to my moisturizing routine as all these pimple busters are drying up my face like crazy. This serum helps draw more moisture in making it a must-have this summer too as we expose our skin to the possibilities of being sunburned.

Whippped Body Shea Butter in Pomegranate & Mango (130 ml, Php 300)

Chemical dye and artificial perfume-free, the NEKKID Whippped Body Shea Butter in Pomegranate & Mango is the bomb. It contains the fab five moisturizers (shea butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, mango extract, and pomegranate extract) minus the price tag of popular body butters. Since I got this, I've been (consistently) shying away from my Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream because this is just way better and smells much, much yummier than my staple BBW scent of choice.

NEKKID "Serene" Eau de Parfum (30ml, PhP 350)

The last product from my first NEKKID stash is the EDP in Serene. When I first saw that NEKKID also had EDPs, I was battling between Serene and Tender. Since I got this as a gift, then I'll just get Tender on my next shopping spree. :) Serene smells very fresh, classy, and beautiful -- so hard not to fall in love with this scent! I asked 5 men to take a whiff off this scent and all of them agreed that it smells so good, they can picture a girl next door type of woman wearing this. I'm midway into the bottle and that says a lot on how much I love this scent. I was supposed to repurchase my all time scent (aka. Lanvin Marry Me!) but this has got me holding up.

For a start up brand, NEKKID has a full roster of body care products that are hard to pass up. On my next payday, here are the items I'm thinking of getting:
  • Eau de Parfum in Tender
  • Creamy Body Scrub in Chocolate (!!!)
  • Nekkid Face All-Natural Makeup Remover Balm
  • Green Tea & Tea Tree Mud Mask (hope this helps me dry up and prevent future breakouts)
  • Butter Powder (this thigh chafing I'm getting from hours and hours of biking's starting to be the bane of my existence)
Have you tried product from NEKKID yourself? What are your top picks? Share them below please! :)

To get hooked and NEKKID, visit their website www.nekkidmanila.weebly.com, follow them on Instagram (@nekkidmanila), Facebook (facebook.com/nekkidbeautyph) , or Twitter (@nekkidbeautyph). :)
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  1. I've tried Nekkid Pure EDP it smells great!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll check that scent out when I get the chance. ;)