Discover ORIGINS this August 2015!

Just when I got back from Singapore, I came to discover a pleasant surprise sitting on my desk. <3

Origins is another much loved brand our household's come to fall for over the years. I remember saving up for Peace of Mind when I was in junior high and bringing my measly savings to Rustan's Makati. Their nook across the then corner of Urban Decay (!!!) smelled soooo good and divine, so much like being at the spa! They went away rather unannounced and I've been getting my Peace of Mind fix (3 bottles in one go just to be sure!) abroad or online.

This June, the Estee Lauder Philippines team made a huge announcement saying "hey gurlllll Origins is going to be back in Manila this August 2015!"! In true spirit of lavish anticipation, Origins invited the beauty editors and usual #bblogger suspects to meet and greet the brand's latest and bestest lines to date.

Energizing: GinZing
For hundreds of years, the mountains of China and forests of Ethiopia have brought the stimulating and revitalizing powers of Panax Ginseng and caffeine to the world. These potent ingredients are known to help strengthen and eliminate signs of fatigue for a refreshed and revitalized look. The GinZing collection features ginseng and caffeine to give tired skin a radiance-reviving pick-me-up creating the appearance of a full night’s sleep.
Relief for Redness & Sensitivity: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has recognized the power of mushrooms for centuries, and Origins in partnership with Harvard trained doctor and founder of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil, harnessed the power of these mushrooms to target skin’s response to emotional and environmental stress at the root of inflammation, helping to promote skin’s resilience, evenness and an overall healthy appearance. Featuring a cocktail of powerful ingredients derived from the East, this collection takes a modern, integrated approach to protect our skin from the effects of harmful internal stress and external aggressors.
Rehydrate & Repair: Make A Difference
The tumble weeds of the Judean Desert are home to Origins powerful hydrator. Dry skin rebounds from drastic dehydration and rebuilds its moisture barrier through the power of Rose of Jericho, which is found in the driest deserts of North Africa and can withstand total dehydration for decades then return to life with mere drops of water. The Make A Difference collection helps repair and rejuvenate the appearance of damaged and dehydrated skin with a natural solution from one of the driest places in the world.
A little bonus treat -- we had the opportunity to watch how the Rose of Jericho comes back to life after simple hydration.  :) The bowl on the left is the Rose of Jericho before hydrating with clean water. The one on the right is a similar plant, 8 hours after hydration. Just imagine how much good this can do to draw water and moisture into our skin!

Nature’s Anti-ager: Plantscription
A journey to West Africa discovered a rare bark that would go on to power one of Origins bestselling products and solution to lines and wrinkles. The award winning Plantscription collection is powered by the bark from the rare Anogeissus tree. Traditionally used as a natural wound healer, this powerful botanical in the Plantscription collection helps encourage the production of fibrillin to keep skin looking youthful and line free.
Apart from the spanking skin care lines above, I'm most excited for these candles (starts at US $34 for the big candle below) and masks (starts at $17 for the 50ml tubes of select variants). So perfect for Tita Phoebe's weekend nights in! ;)

Are you an Origins fan yourself? What are your must-haves from the brand? Share them below -- I'd love to try them out myself! :)
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