Quick NEKKID Haul

Almost 4 months after my intro to the brand, say hello to my mini payday haul from NEKKID Manila! :) I got 3 of my lemmings from last April. The other two? They're impulse buys. Not a bad stash for Php 1650!

First up -- EDPs in Pure and Tender. I finished Serene after almost three months of spritzing 3x in the morning. I had Tender on my list and thought you know what -- let's get Pure too. Now I'm sorry not to carted Joy to complete my mini NEKKID EDP bar. :) Maybe next payday?

The All-Natural Makeup Remover Balm has easily become one of my favourite things to do at the end of the day. It's so effective and calming after a wild day at work and at play. I cheat sometimes and use it in the morning too just because. ;)

I absolutely loved the Whippped Body Shea Butter in Pomegranate & Mango at first whiff and finished my tub really quickly as I use it many times in one day. I was hell bent to repurchase the same scent when Sabs suggested me to try their best seller, Peach. Exact same formula, just different but equally luxurious scent. Now I'm torn what I should repurchase after finishing this tub!

The last item on my haul's the Butter Powder. I intended to use this only on days when I cycle to prevent thigh chafing. One whiff and oh my -- it smells so delish! So far from my aches and pains cycling arsenal. LOL I generously apply this whenever I work out and found it equally effective on days when I wear shorts and minis to prevent my thighs from burning each other. Definitely a good buy from the brand!
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