Matsumoto KiYoshi Tokyo Haul

Greetings from the lakwachera who’s temporarily abandoned this space to celebrate her birthday with her office BFF in Tokyo! :D

Ueno, Ueno, Ueno!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably chanced on my recent #whereisfibi chronicle. I’ve been planning this shopping trip for a good while (I do MAJOR closet revamps 2x a year) and I’d love to consider it a success.

40 pieces of clothes for 1/3 of the Manila retail price = SUCCESS 

Apart from clothes, I naturally gave in to my inner Matsumoto KiYoshi (MK) addict. MK is much like our local Watson’s but 123953705189238 times better. There are small branches and some even go as much as 4 floors (the most I’ve been to). My clothes where already heavy as it is so I had to limit my MK finds to just the lot below. Ready to see my Matsumoto KiYoshi Tokyo haul? :)

Ahhh the Tokyo basics. :) What’s a trip to MK without snagging these three best sellers from Shiseido, DHC, and Tsururi? I almost forgot how much I love the Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Foam until I saw it again. I have illegal amounts of cleansing oil and gels back at home but the princess in me wasn’t able to resist this special packaging of the iconic DHC Cleansing Oil. Pretty!

Since I’ve tried the Habadisei All-In-One Facial Masks from Kracie, my post-shower rituals have been filled with rainbows and butterflies. I save a lot of precious slow coffee time (separate story!) and money. I naturally looked for it in Tokyo but I couldn’t find it so I got the moisturizing variant instead. While this ain’t so bad, comparing the two, I still like the All-In-One variant more. Shuffling through the shelves further I saw the Habadisei Eye Zone Mask. *tosses to the basket*

Fasio is one of the reasons I’m always excited to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong. I love their powder foundations and their mascaras! I’m also into this whole strobing trend right now and the MUJI Lucent Powder (above) is the bomb! So subtle and blurring at the same time. Definitely a steal for less than Php 500 (Y1200 + 8% sales tax).

Not sure how many eyelash curlers I need in this lifetime but I got one of each from Shiseido (only a little over Php 300!) and shu uemura. The latter ended up as a pasalubong. :)

I restocked on some Majolica Majorca faves plus more brow products. Same question as above — how many brow products do I need in this lifetime? LOL 

It’s my first time to try a Dolly Wink product and I can’t wait to bust it open. I love my K-Palette brow pens but this pencil caught my attention. I wonder if it last as long as its pen counterpart.

My mom and I are on this hair care obsession phase right now and I’m looking for more and more DIY treatments I can do on the fly. I saw this to be promising so I got her a bottle plus another one for myself.

I’m going back to Tokyo in December and I wonder if I missed any life (beauty-wise) changing products in this birthday sojourn. Any suggestions for my holiday haul? :)