Daily Luxe: The LUX Perfumed Bath Collection in Magical Spell

I received a very plush and non-descript package last week that’s got me whiffing since. Its royal and bright hue couldn’t quite keep me still until I haphazardly untied the strings.

Masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London, the new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is now in the Philippines to enable Filipinas to feel fabulously feminine, as they leave a lasting and unforgettable impression wherever they go.
How lovely! Magical Spell is one of the 4 captivating scents that infuses skin with up to 8 hours of lasting perfume from the LUX Perfumed Bath Collections. Co-crafted by Master perfumer Nicole Mancini, this irresistible fragrance is so feminine and shala. It features an intense and alluring blend of dark woods, golden amber, and vanilla bean — very reminiscent of my Brit bath luxuries! Magical Spell promises to unlock a woman’s bold side, leaving her feeling more beautiful and confident than ever. Tried and tested by yours truly and it lived up to its promise! ;)

The NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is available in four captivating scents: Magical Spell (long lasting fragrance that’s floral and fruity), White Impress (whitening, floral, fruity, woody), Soft Touch (moisturising, floral, fruity) and Love Forever (long lasting fragrance, floral, fruity, and woody). There’s definitely one for every mood. :) Want to try the NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection for FREE? Sign up at houseoflux.com.ph/account/sampling to get a kit like the one I got above.

To know more about the entire collection, visit the following sites: www.HouseofLux.com.ph/BatheWithPerfume
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