K-Palette Bento Birthday!

K-Palette recently celebrated their 4th birthday and like all K-Palette events I’ve been to, I knew we’re up for a huge surprise. I was having one helluva week that week and I needed a serious pick me upper with the girls. I love that I can do that and celebrate with a brand I believed in since day 1. :)

As soon as we settled in, Bianca Valerio announced to open the bags and boxes given to us when we came through the door.

While I’m a retired chef, I got anxious seeing the contents of the box. I’ve never made a bento box in the past nor am I fond of plating. :) Good thing the @bentomommas came to the rescue and taught us how to use the tools.

Our task: to create bento boxes with pretty faces and lush lashes. Everyone had their game faces on when Bianca mentioned that the 3 winners will receive Php 10,000 worth of K-Palatte products and a special limited edition kit commemorating the brand’s 50th year. The kit is not sold anywhere as it’s a present given out by the brand principals. Exciting!

After what seemed like forever, I finished my first bento box. :) I can’t quite believe it but I was very fortunate to be one of the 3 winners!!! It felt so surreal and somewhat like Christmas.

Here’s what I got — I’m all set for an entire year or two! *wink*

After we cleared our tables, the bigger surprise was revealed. We were given another bento box with six slots and we can put in anything we want from the K-Palette buffet bar. *squeals*

I know I have these in my winner stash already but I can’t resist! I can’t live without these must-haves! :)

More than the make-up high, chika time with the girls (they’re also my Sample Roomies) helped me bounce back on my feet that week. I can’t imagine what more if we had another out of town or pajama party!

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