NOW OPEN: The Craft Central at Greenbelt 5

One of the things I did the past 3 months in the US is paper craft my heart out. Paper craft all day, everyday. Agenda and paper planning, stickers, washi, punch art, name it and I've probably done it. When I had to abruptly come home, I had to box and ship my tools and wait for my balikbayan box to arrive. I'll be honest -- I'm sad without my paper toys! I brought just 1 agenda/planner and a handful of sticker decks but I miss seeing my paper stock mess. :(

Good thing The Craft Central just opened near my home and I'm able to get my crafting fix. Located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, you' won't miss this lovely space.

photo via @thecraftcentral

photo via @inkscribbler

I love this store -- definitely my cup of tea. They have over 70 partners that have little nooks left and right to fill your handmade goodie fix.

 My heart was totally swelling for these finger puppets by @craftstaff!

@bedazzledaccessories made us some freshly metal stamped bracelets

@inkscribbler and @oilsandpetals were crafting table seat mates

Soak Artisan Soap, one of my fave local soap crafters, also has a nook here!
photo via @avabeabernabe

My favourite part of the store? Definitely the paper, pens, and stickers section! :)

I couldn't resist these stickers, I had to bring them home with my awesome stash below.

They have heaps of contests, freebies, and specials from September 26 to October 2 -- do checkout for the full roster of activities! :)
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