A Year After: Craftdoodle Aqua Brush Pens

When it comes to my artsy pursuits, watercolour is the medium I'm most intimidated using especially on a small and intricate scale. Trying out these Craftdoodle Aqua Brush Pens didn't change that but I have to admit -- it made the repertoire so much more enjoyable than how I recall it from my visual arts elective from junior high.

I was cleaning my crafting corner and realized that I've had these travel sized Craftdoodle Aqua Brush Pens for a little over a year now. :) I have to say that apart from my passport and headphones, these are (surprisingly) some of my most well-traveled items from the last 12 months. They've joined me in Baguio, Cebu, Bacolod, HK, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, US, and even Beijing!

Using and cleaning it up is easy peasy. Since I'm very heavy handed, it's my hand's pressure that I had to work on when I first tried it. For starters, I was using it over a colouring book that I filled using watercolour pens. The finest tipped pen was an absolute game changer; I've used and abused it for both my successful and unsuccessful colouring book expeditions.

I also like how these pens are so portable even when flying -- I've taken them through my check-in (even filled to the brim) and never had airport problems. If you just got into watercolouring, it's also very affordable compared to other aqua brush pens. Full-sized pens are only Php 500 while these travel sized pens are Php 400 per set of 3 pens.

Craftdoodle Aqua Brush Pens, premium paper products, watercolour cakes, and more are available through their website Craftdoodle.PH or their retail partners.
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