DIY Beauty Find: Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna from Lazada

At the risk of being branded a certified tita, I'd like to share my experience ordering and trying out this beauty gadget I've come to fall in love with from earlier this year.

Behold: this is my best purchase EVER from Lazada (and no, this isn't a sponsored nor press sample post LOL). I was previously told by my masseuse that my back was challenging the heck out of her. In layman's terms, she meant that it's really tough (maraming lamig). For my own benefit (and maybe her convenience haha), she told me to make it a point to step into the sauna or steam before going in for a massage. She also advised me to do this every post-workout cleanup to relax me better. I chuckled because ha -- I don't have all the time in the world to commit to that.

Weeks after, my back pain started getting worse and guess who had the last laugh -- my masseuse! Funny, cause instead of going to the doctor for a possible checkup, I ended up looking for DIY solutions. Well sorry not sorry cause I stumbled on home steam and sauna systems. I was snickering when I ended up in Lazada and was asking myself if I should really buy the Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna for a little less than Php 2000. It was originally Php 3500 so there's already a discount carrot hanging across my face. Scrolling down, I chanced on a voucher banner that was offering Php 200 off for purchases over Php 1500 and before I know it, I carted it with my phone purchase. *so very Phoebe*

The Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna arrived cling wrapped and no nothing else. I never had an ill experience with Lazada's handling so off I went unwrapping the box.

YES. It's exactly what we laugh at on those midnight home TV shopping programs!

photo via gizmodubai

First off -- I need to tell you that before you purchase this kit, make sure you have a power adapter or it will kill your vibe. I had a universal travel adaptor hence this wasn't an issue when I got it.

Ok now let's go to the actual kit review (can you feel my excitement as I tell this story?). :) This product is usually marketed as a weight loss device. I will be the first to tell you that I didn't bother checking my weight before and after use. What I can tell you though is:
  • Everyone was asking me what I did to my skin because I was blooming and glowing while it's super hell season at work.
  • If you enjoy heat, this is the bomb dot com. I was able to fit a standard plastic chair (aka. monoblock) inside the flexible contraption and able to withstand the hot steam for 30 mins to an hour. It's so relaxing that apart from my dog, my "me time" with the steam's become one of my top reasons to go home quickly after a day at work.
  • My masseuse told me that there's significant difference on my back muscle's texture after 4 days of daily Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna use.
A few reminders before you dive in and get one of these for yourself:
  • Make sure that you're physically fit to steam your heart out. Ask your doctor and know your limits.
  • Step into the sauna fresh from bathing.
  • Be careful and move away from the steam hose (the one that goes into the contraption) as the steam may burn your skin.
  • Invest on high grade aromatherapy oils (such as the Nu Skin Epoch Essential Oils) for the royal experience. You can put a few drops in the steamer before steaming. Thank me later.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize after steaming. While your skin may appear wet, that's moisture lost that you have to put back.
Ready to make that purchase? Here's the link to the product via Lazada. Let me know how you like or not like this if you get the chance to purchase one for yourself! :)
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