The Low Down On Argentina Bacon Norte

Sometime last October, I saw this ad from the Argentina Meats FB page:

Together with the rest of the Facebook world, I got so excited about it. I'd check various groceries if it's already out 2-3x a week. I just couldn't find it! Two months passed and frankly, my excitement's already died down. Busied and moved on (LOL) from it, I was getting bottled olives last Thursday at Rustan's Marketplace in Forbes when I chanced on this:

Wow. It's tiny! For Php 16 something though, one can't quite complain. I bought 4 cans because I was already too sure that one is not enough for me more so for Twin (the biggest bacon fan I personally know).

Usually, for local small sized corned beef (can), I use 4 cloves of garlic and a medium white onion. I add much more garlic if I'm eating it with rice. Popping the can open, the Argentina Bacon Norte smelled smoky-sweet. Think Rack's baby back ribs marinade. That's a good thing, yea?

I sautéed my onions and garlic (same ratio as above) in extra virgin olive oil then added two cans of Argentina Bacon Norte. Love your bacon toasted and crispy? Unlike most canned corned beef, I don’t see this having the opportunity to be dried and crispy since it's very saucy and no fat was clearly rendered. It cooks quick and the colour doesn't change much so keep your eyes on the uhmm prize. Taste wise, yes -- it tastes exactly how it smells and that's great. We put some chili flakes in it for added dimension and my mom loved it to bits (pun intended).

While I don’t recommend eating processed food in general, if you want to try this new product from Argentina but scared to burst all known (expectation) bubbles, this is your validation that it is indeed worth the wait and hype. :)
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  1. Does it taste like their corned beef? It's like all their product taste the same. I can try this during pecha de peligro days haha!Thanks for making this review and oh...I love how the delata was captured in your nail polished hand. So posh!