Sample Room Summer Partea

Sample Room summer events have a special place in my heart. More than feeling like an event, it feels like a chance to bond with my closest beauty blogger friends. <3

Settling down with our fascinators in place, cupcakes, chocolates, and beauty goodies from Moringa-O and Belo Sun Expert said hello.

What's a tea party without good tea? Basilur Tea spoiled us the entire afternoon. Easily, my favourites are Jasmine and White Magic.

Did you notice from our respective IGs that me and my friends LOVE to eat? Everything that afternoon was super delish!

when you see it ;)

After a quick flower arrangement class from the team of Ms. Nikki Chatto, we spent the rest of the afternoon just catching up not thinking about work. Just "us" time. I super missed this!

Hope your summer's as swell as ours! <3
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