My Simple and Foolproof Two-Step Skin Care Routine

My kind of desk mess <3
Real talk: midyear madness is REAL. In my over 10 years of corp life, July marks the start of a new fiscal year. New business/global goals, performance reviews for the entire operations (I'm a manager of managers), engagement plans, business travels....I can go on forever what consumes me through and through mid-calendar year! =$

Occasionally (aka. when I feel a hot meltdown bound to happen or has already happened), I steep 2 tea bags mid-shift to calm my senses and wash my face to freshen up. I never really made a big deal out of this routine until someone asked me after I washed my face what I use.

When they (they were 2 ladies) saw that I used Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam and Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream, they were pleasantly surprised. All this time they thought I was using something special (read: expensive).

This tag team to me is well, special. Special because it's never failed me with every use and I get the results I want: breakouts at bay and rosy cheeks. The secret is in Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam with Activated Thymo-T Lock and Clear Technology plus Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream with Vitamin B3+. Used together, the cleanser deep cleanses the skin without over drying while the day cream fights 10 of the toughest spot and darkening problems. The day cream is also "clinically proven to repair and give 96% protection against skin damage by fighting tough spots from the inside, revealing spotless, pinkish white skin on the outside". I think the only thing it can't do for me is lighten my under eye circles. *wishful thinking*

Do you have combination to oily skin like I do? If we're on the same boat, checkout the latest from Pond’s! It's very similar (think sisters!) to Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream but formulated for our special needs. The new Pond's White Beauty Detox Day Cream is also available at Sample Room for only 30 points for the 20g sample. Grab one before it runs out!
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