Just Like Fairy Dust: Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash

I was ready to cart out my last minute purchases in Osaka a while back when a fellow shopaholic, B, asked me if I've tried the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. Suisaiwhat? She pointed me to the rack and I was like, oh so that's what those capsules are called.

While these are as common in Hong Kong as Japan, I never got around purchasing it until last December because apart from having no English product literature, it wasn't the cheapest powder cleanser out there (¥1700 + 8% tax, approx. Php 850 for 32 capsules).

Girl Stuff nail lacquer vs. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Powder for scale

I read around and learned that each capsule can be halved for two uses. Here's how much a "half" is and the 3 ways you can prep it for use:

The easiest and relatively the most cost efficient way to apply this is by working a lather into your hands. I like putting just a dab (~3 drops) of water on my palm and work up a soft and runny lather before applying on my already clean face.

If you're feeling fancy, you can use a beauty foaming net like this one from Daily Skin (available in Althea Korea):

You don't have to put the product inside the mesh. You just have to dampen the mesh and work up a lather on your palm until it forms peaks of foam before applying Suisai on your face. I have a similar mesh and while it looks rather magical to have a handful of bubbles, I didn't find it necessary.

image via etudehouse.com

Option #3 is to pour and prep using a bubble maker contraption. Double the fun and bubbles but also unnecessary.

Now on to the product review! Big regret: trying this just now. In a single Filipino line: ang lakas makaganda nito. It's a 2 way product that can flex between a gentle cleanser (with more water) or a fantastic exfoliant that never strips the skin dry. It always leaves my skin feeling like I soaked it in milk and honey after patting water off for 9 more skin care steps (LOL!). No breakouts, face looks and feels extra clear (and stress-free if I may add) regardless how I choose to use it. Is it TMI to share that my face feels like a baby's butt every time I use this? I hope not! But seriously -- nothing comes close and now I understand why I see ladies hoard on this upon checkout.
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