My V&M Naturals Dark Spots Be Gone Haul

It's been a while since I got something from V&M Naturals. I discovered them in Multiply from what seemed like lifetimes ago when the beauty forums were all cray cray about emu oil. I used to frequent the beach (twice a month at least) and their emu oil's saved me from a lot of potential wrinkles, scars, and sunburn. Fast forward to 2018, they've got everything covered from your face, to your body, to your even your home!

They recently announced their huge 10th anniversary sale and I took that opportunity to snag one of my favourite local face and body scrubs, Clear Y Rosy and more. While my recent travels have been fruitful and well-deserved, I didn't expect to merit a lot of insect bites and breakouts along the way. These insect bites have left some dark spots on my arms and legs. :( Determined to get rid of them I thought, can V&M Naturals' highly raved brightening products help me reverse these marks?

left to right
Bikini Bomb,  Clear Y Rosy, Exfobomb

First things first, let's talk about deep cleansing. If you live for the next shower session when you can open a tub of scrub, you've got to try Clear Y Rosy (100g Php 355, on sale at Php 230.75). I get a lot of body scrubs as PR sample but I keep on coming back to this! It smells so good -- just like a whiff of vacay by the an all-white penthouse with a butler and mimosas in tow (a girl can dream, right?). Each tub has heaps of Dead Sea salt to slough dirt and dead skin away and a blend of yummy oils and moisturizers to spoil the skin -- emu oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. For the ultimate me-time experience, Clear Y Rosy is also jampacked with "Gota Kola, Japanese Knotweed, Skullcap, Green Tea, Licorice, Wild Chamomile, Rosemary and Papaya extracts (that) are ideal for blemished skin, blackheads and dark spots, promoting a visually brightened complexion with regular use."

I couldn't decide which one to get of the two salves so I got them both! Both Bikini Bomb (50g Php 380, on sale at Php 323) and Exfobomb (50g Php 395, on sale at Php 335.75) are primarily concocted to exfoliate and brighten dark spots. The former is said to be safe and highly recommended to micro-peel "dark elbows, bikini area, knees, armpit, nape, neck and even old scars". The raves are nearly equal so let's just see which one delivers faster results.


I didn't pass up on the CPC+G Oil (30ml Php 350, on sale at Php 297.50) too cause I'm all about getting my skin drunk with moisture without breaking out. This oil's a concentrated brightener that safe for both the face and body. It's recommended to put 3 drops on lotions/moisturizers for broad areas and as a spot treatment as needed.

Miracle Promise Bikini and Underarm Creme

Lastly, I also got the Miracle Promise Bikini and Underarm Creme (Php 680, on sale at Php 442)! I know it's for the bikini and underarms but I also read that some women yielded success on using this to delay their upper lip fuzz's (aka. girly mustache) growth. Definitely doing a patch test before slapping this on but very hopeful for positive results just the same.

Are you a V&M Naturals loyalist? Share your must haves from the brand, I'd love to check them out soon. <3
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