Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot Tea Party

Last Thursday, we celebrated two events at The Peninsula Manila over tea, scones, and sucré:

First, the launch of Elizabeth Arden’s latest fragrance, Pretty Hot (50ml – Php 3300; 100ml – Php 4200):

Pretty x Pretty Hot

A little bit naughty. A lot Pretty.
It’s the new Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot

Every woman wants to feel pretty, but some days she just wants to turn up the heat with a sultry look, a mesmerizing gaze, an alluring scent.

This season, Elizabeth Arden brings you Pretty Hot, a mesmerizing, fearless and sultry scent for today’s confident, sensual woman.

Second, the “forever 21″ birthday of our massive makeup hauler, Brigitte:

Apart from sampling Elizabeth Arden’s juicy summer fragrance plus delicate chows the entire afternoon, we also had the opportunity to have our skin assessed by Meg from Beverly Hills 6750 using VISIA Complexion Analysis (system). Here’s Sophie getting her results in terms of wrinkles, spots, pore size, skin tone variations, bacterial content (eeeeep!), and UV spots that indicate sun damage:

While I passed the wrinkles and spots test with flying colours (99% and 91% respectively if my memory serves me right), I failed massively in terms of texture and pore size. *le sigh* Some things just need a little more push (story for another post), eh?

More snaps to subtly fray me from freaking out ’bout my VISIA results:


birthday girl, myself, and Queen S

Solid proof how we think alike:

Who would’ve thought that individually, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea is one of our 911 EDPs? :) This is one of my “love at first whiff” scents and I can’t believe that I’m already on my fourth (big) bottle! I recently purchased the Green Tea Lavender and it’s just as addicting. It’s also very light and surprisingly oh so calming and relaxing at the same time. If you’re looking for the perfect summer scent that’s going to make you feel dainty yet saucy the entire day, then Pretty Hot’s your best bet. I’m due to go on vacation in two weeks and I can almost imagine myself in the most luxe white maillot, oversized sunnies, and booze-free mojito on one hand looking and smelling Pretty Hot (pun intended). Mmmmm.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot is exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and is now available in all leading department stores.
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