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Happy Skin EYE Woke Up Like This Collection (plus haul!)

May 15, 2017
Like you, I'd always love to have the perfect I-woke-up-like-this selfie. Smooth skin, bright can truly dream! Happy Skin being our skin-caring makeup fairy godmother wants us to get a step or two closer to that goal with their latest collection that makes us makeup mavens exclaim -- EYE want them all!
This May, Happy Skin—the country’s favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup—is giving you the tools you need to achieve exactly that! It’s no secret that your eyes tell all. When they’re droopy and shadowy, you look tired; if they’re healthy and gleaming, you look happy. Even the area around your eyes is crucial—your brows, when groomed and filled-in, properly frame your face. And with a little color on them, your lids can make you look more striking. But the thing is, eye makeup isn’t the easiest to apply. That’s why Happy Skin is taking the guesswork out for you with hardworking, easy-to-use eye makeup products, from a mascara that does it all to a dual-purpose brow tool and a double-ended eyebrow pen.

Channel Your Inner Top Model with Maybelline New York

May 10, 2017
When it comes to trendy, runway-worthy makeup, Maybelline New York's definitely a front row beauty. As the official makeup partner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5, Maybelline New York has a neat bag of tricks for all of us ladies who want sashay in our personal runways. They recently showcased 3 makeup pegs that are not just trendy but also easy to do at home without breaking the bank:

Uptown Princess, Midtown Girl, Downtown Edge

Althea Trendy Box 8: Where Is Pore Box

May 3, 2017

Ladies -- we are on a blog post roll. Can't quite believe that we have 3 posts in 3 straight days. ;) Let's take advantage of that and take a peek at the Althea Trendy Box 8: Where Is Pore Box. Valued at Php 4694, this is another steal since it only cost me Php 1269. Who says no to 73% worth of savings?


Althea Trendy Box 7: Beauty Routine From Head To Toe

May 2, 2017

What's better than an Althea Korea box? Two Althea Korea boxes! ^_^ I ordered the Trendy Box #7 and #8 together and they're both of great and awesome value.

The 411: Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

May 1, 2017

Like all of you, I'm on a crazy Althea box shopping high. Their boxes are very well curated and I've been lemming for them box after box. In between releases, I finally gave in to a mini haul only to decide on 2 more boxes the day after (more on this after this post!).

Apart from my planner hauls, for the past year, I have this (borderline uncontrollable) fixation on beauty tools and gadgets. I read good reviews on the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator (Php 1310) to help serums and essences penetrate into the skin faster so into the cart it went. I was out of a brush cleaner and my hair needed a pick me upper so I also got the Abbamart One-Shot Brush Washer (Php 440) and Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar (Php 750). All three items were nicely on sale and I only paid a total of Php 1360!