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Get Lit With LuMee Two

March 30, 2017
When it comes to the selfie game, one has to go big or go home. I remember last year, during our barkada's Christmas party in Gorda (they have great cocktails!), we kept on pulling out our phones to actually "assist" (using the flashlight) whoever's doing a selfie. Sure, it got the job done but it was so cumbersome and really, who wants to be left out in the group photo?

Then I discovered the joy of using the portable ring light. I like that this has evolved from being AAA operated to USB charged. Does it get the job done? Yes but girlllll the light is too white. For my skin tone, to get the colour right, I have to still have someone assist me when taking selfies. :-/

Enter LuMee Two (Php 2690, Beyond The Box) from LuMee. First in the market of selfie cases with built in lights, I first saw this on Kim Kardashian's IG. 

Some of her indoor and night selfies are lit the way I want mine so I've put this accessory in my wishlist. Imagine my glee when Beyond The Box sent me one for review. :)

The unit I received fits the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. I chose rose gold over gold to match my iPhone 7.

Brows For Days by Cathy Doll

March 6, 2017
When it comes to my eyebrows, I'm sure that you can tell that my go-to products are from K-Palette. When you're on a budget though, I found a tandem that works just as good as my holy grails without the price tag. As we'd like to put it in true BFF spirit: eto na talaga mga bes.

The Koreans and Thais have really upped their brow game in the last 5 years. We thought we've seen it all until they finally got it real good -- brows that last for days (!!!). I got the their latest brow products above just in time for summer when we've got back to back beach trips and the last thing we'd like to worry about are our brows.

Cathy Doll Tattoo Tint Pack
comes in 3 shades locally: 03 Medium Brown, 04 Deep Brown, 05 Dark Brown

Between the two, the Cathy Doll Tattoo Tint Pack lasts longer than the Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint. The Cathy Doll promise: the former lasts for 3 days while the other lasts for at least 24 hours. Let's swatch, test, and see below how it fares against my sensitive to combination skin! :)

A Splice of Comfort

February 28, 2017
Do you have days when you just want to eat a little bit of everything in lieu of comfort? I hate to admit it but recently, I'm on an bad slump. :( I'm feeling really off my game for the past two months. I'm pretty restless and nitpicking everything. I don't know -- maybe it's the extra gloomy, nakakatamad weather.

I'm wearing Maybelline Color Sensational Powder Mattes in Pink Shot on my lips <3

Like most of you, in my effort to feel better, I like to dash to my ultimate BFF -- food! I think the smile on my face tells it all. :D I was recently invited to try* some comfort food and its timing couldn't be any perfect.

Transform Your Look This Summer With Happy Skin

February 14, 2017

I'm SO excited to share with you the colour story of Happy Skin's latest collection! Everything looks so refreshing and sunny, just like summer that's already winking at us. :)

Snaps & Swatches: Maybelline Powder Mattes

February 13, 2017

PRETTY is a supreme understatement. Maybelline Color Sensational's The Powder Mattes will surprise you in many, many wonderful ways. Locally, Maybelline New York launched 4 nudes, 5 reds, and 6 pinks. Compared to most if not all matte formulas I've tried, every single shade from this range has a nice velvet feel. While some shades were faint versus others that were very opaque in a single swipe, all 15 hues were buttery smooth to apply directly on the lips. True to its name, the finish looks powder matte both in the photos and in person. See some photos below for yourself! :)