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My V&M Naturals Dark Spots Be Gone Haul

It's been a while since I got something from V&M Naturals. I discovered them in Multiply from what seemed like lifetimes ago when the beauty forums were all cray cray about emu oil. I used to frequent the beach (twice a month at least) and their emu oil's saved me from a lot of potential wrinkles, scars, and sunburn. Fast forward to 2018, they've got everything covered from your face, to your body, to your even your home!

They recently announced their huge 10th anniversary sale and I took that opportunity to snag one of my favourite local face and body scrubs, Clear Y Rosy and more. While my recent travels have been fruitful and well-deserved, I didn't expect to merit a lot of insect bites and breakouts along the way. These insect bites have left some dark spots on my arms and legs. :( Determined to get rid of them I thought, can V&M Naturals' highly raved brightening products help me reverse these marks?

left to right
Bikini Bomb,  Clear Y Rosy, Exfobomb

Cheeky & Juicy K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Lip Tint Sticks

If you're embracing the plush, super moisturized, and hint-of-colour lip look (like I am!) then these K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Lip Tint Sticks (Php 795) might be your cup of tea. They promise to hydrate, protect, and soften the lips while leaving a "long-lasting subtle sheer stain". Housed in the most chica packaging, I like how I can stash these sleek bullets even into my smallest minauderies.

Just Like Fairy Dust: Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash

I was ready to cart out my last minute purchases in Osaka a while back when a fellow shopaholic, B, asked me if I've tried the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. Suisaiwhat? She pointed me to the rack and I was like, oh so that's what those capsules are called.

While these are as common in Hong Kong as Japan, I never got around purchasing it until last December because apart from having no English product literature, it wasn't the cheapest powder cleanser out there (¥1700 + 8% tax, approx. Php 850 for 32 capsules).

Girl Stuff nail lacquer vs. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Powder for scale

Fresh Off The Boat Beauty Must-Haves

Hola, cómo estás?

This year's got me the longest summer season imaginable. It started nice and early this March when I had the chance to take a 7 day (!!!) vacay in Cancún, Mexico. I had what felt like an illegal amount of tacos and mojitos at my beck and call with the salt-infused Caribbean Sea breeze giving my hair so much life (and consequently lulling me to long, much needed naps). <333

a hermana by the Isla Mujeres dock

I grew a tan so deep from almost 3 months ago and I'm trying my absolute best to keep it fresh and aglow by running outdoors (in SPF, of course) and occasionally doing some cray cray pool laps. On days when I need a little more oomph in the beauty department, Beauty Bar is on my speed dial with its Cult Summer Favorites.

photo via @beautybarph

We all know by now that before slaying your sun game, in order to stay wrinkle and burn-free, you have to slather on some SPF. If you're looking for some serious SPF that will match your tiki shelfie goals, you have to checkout Sun Bum. Always fresh from Cocoa Beach, Florida, its products are specially concocted for folks who both live for and love the sun. I have their Sunscreen Lip Balm in Watermelon and I'm so hooked by it's legit (*snicker*) scent. It has SPF 30, aloe vera, and vitamin E. No waxy feel nor white film/residue too!

When it comes to my hair game, I don't know where to even begin my vicious addiction. I always tell myself that if I only spent less on it, I'd probably be flying business class more frequently. That or I'm already halfway my investment plan for my little off-the-grid retirement home. Still, I wind up buying really good stuff that unfortunately push me to my budget's edge. That's where Not Your Mother's (NYM) come to play. I learned about this brand sometime 2016 by accident. I was looking for a hair treatment for my blonde hair and snagged their Blonde Moment Treatment Conditioner for a little under $10 with the taxes for a 237ml tube. Apart from extending the ashy tones and gloss of my hair colour, it also helped me fight the dryness that comes with heavily lightened hair. Fast forward to 2018, I saw them again in Beauty Bar and learned that true to its goal, NYM products are still salon-quality with reasonable price tags. If you're clueless what to try out first, I recommend Love For Hue Color Care UV Protectant Spray to preserve your hair colour, Plump For Joy Hair Lifter for some seriously bodacious hair, and Beach Babe Texturizing Spray for natural looking beach maiden, light matte finished locks. I tried the last one for this look and I love it!

Easy, Breezy Summer Look

My current beauty must-haves, March 2018

The summer season's my favourite excuse to pull off my classic (read: lazy), 10 minute look. Apart from its seamlessness, this look has proven overtime to be an absolute flexitarian. My workday's just gotten intensely busy (in the last 6 months) to even bother retouching midway into my shift. I recently combined some oldies with newbies and ended up falling in love with the overall look I get every single time.

Hello, FOTD. We meet again.