Cleanse Like a PRO with OMO! White

If we've known each other for some ~10ish years, you can probably tell how hard I squealed at these pink and black ribbons. <3

What is OMO! White? OMO! White is a Korean-inspired brand that has its finger on the pulse of Asian Beauty. Embracing the spirit of innovation, we bring the best and latest Korean skincare trends made available for both men & women through budget-friendly prices. Expect only effective products, playful packaging, and a unique skincare experience.
I first learned about OMO! White from my IG feed then Mamey. It's always tickled my fancy because of its fun packaging and no-frills marketing: "The Cool Skincare. Committed to making you shine your brightest. For Him, Her & Everyone in between.".

Upon unearthing the box's contents, I had a little aha moment -- like why it weighed so heavy. The box contained 8 soaps and 4 toner bottles. :)

Out of the 5 soap and toner lines, I got four Intensive Whitening Formula variants:
  • HyperCleanse White (black) - with deep cleansing properties
  • SuperSenso White (yellow) - suitable for sensitive skin
  • UltraLight White (pink) - suitable for normal skin
  • WonderClear White (blue) - fights acne on both face and body
The fifth one (not pictured in this post) is called MegaRestore White. It comes in a white box with red prints and is recommended for those who are fighting signs of aging.

The soaps come in two sizes - 60 grams and 110 grams. They're both reasonably priced at Php 79 and Php 125 respectively. The toners on the other hand are available in 150ml bottles only and are sold for Php 239 each.

When it comes to skin care, I try to always be at the side of precaution because my skin's been quite stubborn the past year. By stubborn I mean rough patches on both cheekbones and nasty, takes-forever-to-heal breakouts. After reading the product info, I thought I can best benefit from the WonderClear White range so an unboxing ensued.

I have this fixation over clear, glycerin-like bars because I don't know -- they seem more pure than pure opaque bars? The translucent blue bar is almost unscented and slipped easily on my skin. No tightness after rinsing too! The toner on the other hand is a bit scent heavy for me. Still, true to its claim to fame, using the WonderClear White tag team helped me calm my red, angry zits (ugh!) in just 3 days. The alcohol-free toner's able to redeem itself since it didn't aggravate my dry cheekbones. YAS!

Now that my skin's starting to clear up, I'm thinking of taking the SuperSenso White (yellow) tag team for a spin. It has all the good brightening stuff (niacinamide, glutathione, kojic acid) and allantoin plus calendula extract to soothe sensitive skin.

You can get your OMO! White fix at Watsons, BeautyMNL, and Lazada. Checkout their IG too -- @omowhiteph. They announce sweet deals every so often so you don't want to miss out on those! :)
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