Fancy Tea

Funny how some people can read my mind. I've been a heavy tea drinker for a while now (since 2004) and I always put the words "tea infuser" in my shopping list but never got around actually carting one. I received two presents last Christmas that made me oh so giddy just because they made my diversion from coffee more fancy schmancy:

from Penney and Mr. & Mrs. AskMeWhats <333

Is the combination brilliant or what? Let me share a little secret -- when Nikki made me open the tin can below I almost jumped out of my seat. The tea addict in me wanted to ask for a cup of hot water to try it out in an instant. :)

To brew bliss in a cup, I use about this much loose leaves with 150ml of boiling water.

Hook the note on my mug, wait for 5 minutes, and go on vacay mindset the next ten minutes.

I love the tea as it is but Nikki suggested I try it with lemon and honey. The result? Ecstasy in a mug. At this point I think I'm ready to shell out more for this addiction. Any loose leaf recs? Preferably sold by local tea fanatics please. :)
5 comments on "Fancy Tea"
  1. The note is so cute... I'm a confessed tea addict also... I love teas from Malaysia and Singapore a lot than local brands...

  2. What brands and flavours would you recommend? I'd love to try them and I'm lucky to have friends flying in and out to those countries! :)

  3. I am so happy you liked it! We share some things in common aside from makeup, our love for Caffeine! :) Hugssssyyy

  4. Try these:

    1. Sen Cha Green Tea (Japan)
    2. Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea (Korea)
    3. Korean Ginseng Tea (Korea)
    4. Gong Cha (Singapore), Gong Cha Milk teas are the best… :P
    5. Boh Black Tea (for me, it’s Malaysia’s best tea)

  5. oooh! that's love-leh! i'm into tea myself. particularly four red fruits from twinnings.