Fresh Find: B Skin BB Cream by HDI Network

I've been hearing very good reviews about this fresh beauty find and thanks to our friends from the HDI Network, I got my hands on 'em. :)

BSKIN BB Cream is a fusion between skin care and cosmetic products. It is a healing, anti-wrinkle and whitening aid, sunblock, quick foundation and concealer, all rolled into one. Its main active ingredients, Royal Jelly and Green Tea, provide numerous skin benefits.

  • Benefits of using BSkin BB Cream

  • Heals blemishes and regenerates skin.

  • Conceals blemishes

  • Reduces UV damage to skin

  • Whitens skin and ensures a healthy skin tone

  • Keeps skin firm

  • Fights ageing and reduces wrinkles

Anyone can use BSKIN BB Cream. It beautifies as it heals and provides you with that photo-ready skin in an instant. It has an anti-wrinkle effect and also conceals acne marks and other blemishes like makeup, but without harsh ingredients that tend to aggravate skin problems and clog the pores. Even men can use BSKIN BB Cream.

How to Use your BSKIN BB Cream
After facial cleansing and applying moisturizer, lightly dot BSKIN BB Cream on your face and blend it in well. Allow it to set for about a minute to gently blend with your skin tone.

B Skin BB Cream, 30ml tube

Scientifically formulated from all-natural ingredients

ARBUTIN, also known as Uva Ursi and bearberry extract is used as a skin-lightening agent. Arbutin is found in wheat, and is concentrated in pear skins.

JOJOBA oil comes from the Simmondsia chinensis plant. It is a natural moisturizer that does not cause skin discoloration because of its stabilized oxidative properties.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT is manufactured from the fresh leaves of the plant, camellia sinensis. It has an inhibitory action on collagenase, which maintains a firm and elastic skin. Its amazing antioxidant and cell protective qualities, easily absorbed by the skin help fight inflammations that lead to aging.

ROYAL JELLY also called bees’ milk as it is produced as food for the ‘developing’ bees and queen bee in the colony, it stimulates blood circulation which allows muddy-looking skin to become clear, pore-refined, and healthy-looking. It also has properties which fight fatigue and skin stress.

ALLANTOIN is a natural chemical compound that is produced by many organisms, including animals, bacteria and plants. It has a moisturizing and keratolytic effect. It also increases the smoothness of the skin; promotes cell proliferation and wound healing; and provides a soothing, anti-irritant, and skin protectant effect.

TOCOPHERYL ACETATE or more commonly known as Vitamin E, is a natural preservative, anti-oxidant and moisturizer.

Why BSkin BB Cream?

  • Its microcap technology releases 95-97% of the active ingredients on the skin as a result of smooth rubbing action.

  • It offers long-term repairing effect and not just instant coverage. Long-term usage promotes skin revitalization and blemish healing.

  • At SPF 37 PA+++, you are assured of ideal sun protection required for Asian skin.

  • It’s the only BB Cream that’s blended with Royal Jelly and Green Tea Extract which have antioxidant properties that help soothe and heal blemishes, fight skin aging, promote skin rejuvenation, maintain firmness of your skin and ensure a healthy skin tone.

Let me tell you the good great stuff: on the get go, it does everything it promises above. If you need a single step, anti-aging skin care product (whew that was a mouthful!) that will take care of your moisturizing, medium coverage (surprise!) concealing, and SPF needs then by all means, go get this stat. Do you sport a golden tan like me? Go ahead because thanks to its intuitive microtap it will surprisingly blend with your skin tone. Think of it as the BB cream version of Smashbox's O-Glow.

the sample disappeared on my skin after blending for 5 more seconds

If you have normal to dry skin, this might be your next HG BB cream. For only Php 780, this should last you sometime between 3-5 weeks if used daily. If you have combination to oily skin, I would suggest toning the skin using an oil control toner or if you must, pat some primer on prior to layering this on as it's quite moisturizing borderline oil inducing. It works okay for me because I work in the evening and my space is freezing so topped with Make Up For Ever HD Powder, this typically lasts me about 3 hours without retouching. I loaned it to a friend who's got dry skin and it looked fresh and flawless on her for 7 hours (not fair!).

The B Skin BB Cream is now available through HDI Network. You can contact (02) 635-2431 (M-F, office hours only) for inquiries and purchases.
2 comments on "Fresh Find: B Skin BB Cream by HDI Network"
  1. I am not a bb cream user, I only tried a bb cream once from Tony Moly.. the sample shade i got is 2 shades lighter with my skin. I hope I can find a bb cream that would definitely perfect for my skin tone. And the price is costly. I am currently using a mineral liquid foundation from Krave Minerale, which I think is very nice but I am not closing doors for bb creams... i would like to try it again with a different brand...

  2. I love multi purpose products! it saves so much time especially in the morning! and it's good that this BB cream suits our tanned skin Miss Phoebe! :)