My (Recent) Trifecta of Happiness

Call me silly and shallow but this trio's got me all wound up and giddy the minute I saw (or purchased) them. :)

If you're morena like me, you know how difficult it is to find that perfect melts-in-my-skintone kind of weekend sandals. I found exactly that in FitFlop Arena in Tan. Just like Due, it's not the most inexpensive pair they sell here in Manila. At Php 5990, IMO, it's worth sacrificing the fancy coffee and breakfast I would've had the last 2 weeks. LOL Gorgeous, extremely comfortable and versatile. I'm a very happy camper!

*le sigh*

Living away from my family proved two things: 1) I miss them to bits every single day and 2) the cost of living in Makati vs. the South shot up my budget by fourfold. I've been cooking a LOT recently and the fridge I've been using prior can no longer hold the protein I'm buying on a weekly basis. I finally went for an upgrade and got the Kelvinator fridge I've long been lemming for. :)

Why yes -- black is stunningly beautiful.

My meat can't wait for 2-3 days delivery time so I sweet talked my way to getting my fridge the same day. My stars were all aligning because these two men literally moved mountains to get my fridge from the store to my flat in 1 hour. That's amazeballs client care!

Last but not the least, this bugger has been making me beam with joy 10x more the last few weekends. Can you believe she's turning 1 year old in 3 months time???

MOMMM! YOU'RE HOME! *jumps on bed*

How about you? What made you happy today/recently? Tell me about it below and you might get a chance to receive a little beauty treat from me from via mail. Philippine residents only, comments until 31 January 2013 will be considered. :)

8 comments on "My (Recent) Trifecta of Happiness"
  1. Isn't it a beauty? I can stare at it the entire day! :)

  2. Gusto ko rin ng Arena! ipon ipon :)

  3. Good luck :) Ganda din nung orange!

  4. Last week, I dated my bagets - my nephew and niece. Brought them to Tom's world (parang timezone), ate their fave Chickenjoy +Spag in Jollibee and put them in the push cart while doing grocery. Enjoy sa supermarket! Habulan lang haha. I love the bagets' dates because sooner or later, they will have their own dates.

  5. That's very sweet of you! :)

  6. Lola and I love that pillow to bits!