Beauty Maven Fave: Happy Skin Cosmetics

Last Friday, you may have noticed this hashtag trending from sun up to sun down:

Happy Skin takes cosmetics to a whole new level of hip and happy, with its promise of providing Filipinas with an entire line of makeup that cares for your skin. As this soon-to-be cult brand leapt from imagination and concept to actual product, it had one particular goal in mind: to have you exude your personal brand of effortless beauty by loving your skin and making your makeup work for you—not against you.

Happy Skin Cosmetics is the brainchild of two of the country’s top beauty authorities. Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez, who’s a walking contradiction of a young woman yet a powerhouse in global brand development, partnered with seasoned model and beauty columnist Rissa Mananquil-Trillo to give us a full-range makeup brand with the best skin-loving ingredients.
“Happy Skin is the first makeup line that offers an entire range of skin-caring makeup,” Jacqe proudly explains.“It was especially created for women who want to look naturally beautiful, but want to make sure that their skin is also cared for. It’s for women who don’t want to compromise on beauty!” “It has always been my dream to have my own makeup line,” Rissa shares.“Not the kind that merely attaches my name onto the packaging but the kind which allows me to be hands-on with creating, formulating, testing everything from the start.” She explains further:“What fueled this dream of mine was how hard it was to find good makeup for morenas when I first started modeling ten years ago. Even as a beauty columnist, I’ve always been proud to be brown and dreamed to create the perfect makeup line that would wonderfully celebrate Filipina skin.”

Apart from the actual product development, both Jacqe and Rissa were gushing over the experience of putting together the packaging deets. Creating the brand from nothing to everything sweet, pretty and quirky presented to be a truly exhilarating and overwhelming challenge. Midway into the tea party, they cheekily shared how they came up with the each product name and design; how everything’s perfected to bring out a little smile in everyone. We felt our cheeks turn warm and red when the hostesses associated the Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies with the “firsts” in every girl’s life (you’ll realize why so in a bit).

Ready to see some of the products up close with some swatches? Get comfy with your drink of choice as this will be lengthy! :)
Second Skin Crème Silicon Free Foundation (Php 1199)
Level up your look every single day. With Happy Skin Second Skin Crème, you get to channel a better version of yourself—the glowing, healthy, supple kind. This is the double-letter cream that has a skin-improving, color-adjusting tinge that mimics your actual making you look like yourself, only waaay better. It instantly lends the skin a natural veil that smoothens the surface and a soft-focus powder that diffuses light and minimizes the appearance of pores. Plus, it improves skin quality with continued use. Wear it every day, all-day—at the beach, to the gym, on a date.
Second Skin Crème Silicon Free Foundation in Soft Beige and Natural Beige

When Jacqe gushed that this is her favourite product from the entire range, it took me one application and I understood her. It goes on like cream and dries like ultra-fine powder. Thanks to the world-famous Japanese Cherry Blossom extract and hyaluronic acid that plumps up and smoothen the skin, I get the same Chanel CC Cream effect sans silicone. It’s extra gentle making it suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin. This product sat pretty on my face for eight hours. Clean, retouch-free. Love.

Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation (Php 999)
The best revenge? Looking your best. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation knows no bitterness, bad blood, or blemishes. Instead, you get to channel unflustered poise and perfection with your absolutely even complexion. This silky formula glides on naturally and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and wrinkles, making you enviably smooth and supple.
Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation
Soft Beige, Natural Beige and Deep Beige

When I need to look extra polished, I can tell that this will be my new go-to face product. It’s hydrating enough for daily A/C wear while simultaneously balancing out the facial oils keeping the finish streak-free and clean. It also has Japanese tea extract, hyaluronic acid, UV protection and SPF 20 PA++ to keep our skin from aging faster by the day.

Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation (Php 1299)
The best revenge? Looking your best. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation knows no bitterness, bad blood, or blemishes. Pat on perfection with a hydrating powder foundation that sits flawless on the skin. It layers on beautifully for customizable coverage that minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dullness. Plus, it provides a stunning, soft-focus finish that hides traces of haggard, sleepless evenings or a heartbreak.
Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation
Soft Beige, Natural Beige and Deep Beige

Ladies, this powder foundation does it all — make you look like a million bucks without making you look like a mumu on photos (insta-booboo!). You can laugh all you want now but really, that’s what I love about this Japanese tea extract and SPF 20 PA++ infused powder foundation. I have really bad, green vein discolorations on my forehead and one pat on this takes care of that secret. The redness around our noses? Consider that taken cared of as well.

A quick note on the shades: I’m wearing Deep Beige on both liquid and powder formulas. While they appear too dark and neutral on the photos, they adjust nicely on my medium golden skin tone without looking dark or ashy after a couple of hours. Win!

 Eye Need A Miracle Concealer (Php 699)
Say goodbye to the telling signs of sleepless nights or party-pooped peepers with Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Concealer. This hydrating, cover-up concealer has a rich, buildable formula the miraculously melts into the skin. It hides those pesky dark circles, redness and discoloration, and fills in those fine lines for a fresh, radiant, I’m-not-haggard-at-all look.
Eye Need A Miracle Concealer in Butter

If you’ve never tried using a yellow or peach corrector under your eyes, consider this the best advise you’ll hear today: you need this in your life. This self-adjusting under eye area concealer not only has Japanese Tea extract that moisturizes and fights puffiness but also contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smoothen ridges out. It’s so potent, brightening and seriously takes me back to my mineral makeup addition years!

Get Cheeky with me Blush in First Kiss (Php 699)
Mimic the flush of first love or that fresh, rosy glow brought on by a stolen glance. Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me Blush lends a hydrating tinge of natural color to your cheeks, topping them with a light-diffusing sheen that lasts all day. Fake that flush of a First Kiss or Summer Fling, shades that bring back that oh-so-loving feeling.
Get Cheeky with me Blush in Summer Fling (Php 699)

Get Cheeky with me Blush in First Kiss and Summer Fling

Think of these blushes as your best sweat/smear/fool proof flush, 365 days a year. They’re never matte nor shimmery, never chalky nor creamy. Magic? Not quite! It also has Cherry Blossom extracts that keeps the cheeks fresh and hydrated. If you can’t decide which one to get, let me help you — get both. They’re so wearable on any skin tone and all skin types including those with very sensitive skin.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Collection (Php 499)
Whether torrid or tame, your lips will say it all! These Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies are sure to help you make that smackin’ statement. These lip-loving moisture sticks are loaded with Shea Butter and Collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. High-pigmented, and moisture-packed, these lippies glide on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that’s way tempting to kiss.
Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies
Crushing on You, First Time, Girls Night Out, First Kiss, Summer Fling, and Just Married

Ladies, meet the "save" version of Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. At only Php 499 per lippie, they’re SO HARD to resist! These sticks are like the much awaited babies of your favourite pigmented + long wearing + moisturizing lipsticks. They were instant crowd faves last Friday leaving us ladies lemming for “our” colours in a snap. That’s just looking at the glide, pigmentation and wear by the way — not even associating the lippies to our favourite “firsts”. :)

This is me wearing Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation in Deep Beige and Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Girls Night Out (lightly applied). Can you guess what Sophie’s wearing? :)

Brush ‘Em Off Girl Makeup Brush Set (Php 2499)
Brush bad vibes away with this makeup brush set! The Happy Skin Brush ‘Em Off Girl includes eight petal soft brushes that help sweep away those frowns, while the crystal clear acrylic handles give clarity to your thoughts making each boo-hoo moment feel like a brand new day.

Last but not the least, what’s a lady’s boudoir without excellent makeup brushes? Far from the norm, these ultra soft brushes come in glass-like acrylic handles and synthetic, white tips that will tell you when it’s time to give your tools a bath. Bet your skin will thank you for that! :)

To make your skin and makeup dresser happy, get your first dose of Happy Skin Cosmetics from their retail partner, Plains & Prints (select branches). To find the nearest partner branch, link up with Happy Skin through, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.