Neon Dreams Come True: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection

April 25, 2015
What's your all time, signature summer look? Mine's messy hair don't care, sunblock smeared all over, and nude but defined lips. Case point:

This year, I'm keeping the same look but with a neon twist. I'm adding the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection (Php 499 each) lippies into my FOTDs for that trendy punch. ;)

From the runways of Paris to the latest makeup trends, it’s clear that summer the perfect time to sport bold statement lips. That’s why this season, L’Oreal Makeup Designer/PARIS dares women to take their looks to the next level and go beyond ordinary with its hottest lipstick collection, Color Riche Electric.

With Color Riche Electric, your makeup transformation begins by simply swiping on one of the five ultra-bold, ultra-trendy, yet easily wearable lipstick shades that can instantly brighten up any look.
I received all 5 shades from the range and like Trisha Chua, Group Product Manager of L’OrĂ©al Makeup Designer/PARIS, I think that these bold lip candies are the perfect secret weapon this season making us look fresher, trendier, and more confident in a couple of swipes.

clockwise from far left
Glamour Fuchsia (purple), Orange Power (orange), Lincoln Rose (bright red)
Pop Up Pink, Touch of Amaranth

my fave shade from the lot: Glamour Fuchsia
(that and those fresh, hot off the grill oysters)

No matter how pretty a lippie is though, if it's not comfortable to wear, I can't quite stick with it. That's what surprised me about this range. The satins are gorgeous, moisturizing, and long lasting. Thanks to its nourishing Jojoba and Argan oils, the mattes are nicely gentle on the lips leaving that soft, shine-free finish that stays on after two cups of morning coffee.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection swatch under natural light
Glamour Fuchsia, Orange Power, Lincoln Rose, Pop Up Pink, Touch of Amaranth

Its glide is a totally different story though. Off the lot, I find Glamour Fuschia and Lincoln Rose the best when it comes to mirror-free application. They apply evenly and consistently every time. Touch of Amaranth needs a bit of work for some one with dry lips as it has a demi-flat shine that may accentuate lines and patches. Pop Up Pink and Orange Power will definitely favour women who have lips that are never dry as it has the tendency to run if mixed with a moisturizing balm as base.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection stain swatches

Just for kicks, I also took the snap above to show you how these lippies nicely stain the skin (and lips actually) even after removing with water based make-up remover. A win for those who wear lippies all day and night! :)

May 05 EDIT:

Our friends from L'Oreal sent me another set of 5 lippies to giveaway to 1 very lucky, Philippines based blog reader! :) All you have to do is to enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter mechanics below. Good luck!

20 comments on "Neon Dreams Come True: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection"
  1. I think Orange Power will be a nice color for summer and a nice touch on my soon-to-be tan skin (or so I wish because I never tan, I burn!) while I hang out on the beach with my family.

  2. Definitely the Lincoln Rose! A perfect shade this summer!

  3. Irina SagarbarriaMay 7, 2015 at 4:26 AM

    I will be rocking Lincoln Rose!

  4. Glamour fuchsia shade is ❤. It will instantly brighten up any look. I think if your feeling down, a swipe of any these colors and you will instantly feel better. Im hoping Im lucky enough to win this and try this on my lips, im a full time housewife and being a good mother is my work:) I cant afford that. Its the best gift I won. Thank you for your giveaway.God bless you for your kindness to share your blessings;)

  5. Lincoln rose!! I want to try it because I haven't tried any red lipstick yet, I only have one lipstick and the color is pink, That's why i would love to win this giveaway, I hope you'd give me a chance :)

  6. I like the Touch of Amaranth. looks electric but classy!

  7. Glamour Fuschia! When you said best for mirror free application, then that's the one for me. Swipe and Go!

  8. Glamour fuchsia shade is love.It will instantly brighten up any look.I think if I'm feeling down, a swipe of this and I will feel better:) The best gift as a fulltime housewife could ever recieve. Because as a mother with so much love to her child deserves a shade as beautiful as this. THANK YOU Ms.Phoebe for this chance and May God Bless you always:)

  9. all swatches looks so good, but i would probably be rocking out the Touch of Amaranth shade! :)

  10. Would absolutely go for Lincoln Rose! Love the shade!

  11. The Touch of Amaranth! No doubt about it. It is definitely a must-have this summer. A shade that is perfect for a day at the beach or any activities with family & friends. Hoping to be the lucky winner. I just can't wait to try on those L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection! ♥

  12. Crisanta SindacMay 9, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    Among the lippes of the L'Oreal Power Color Riche Electric Lip Collection I think the shade of Orange Power is a color I want to try before Summer ends! Such an exciting color.

  13. So excited of this giveaway:) Can't really wait to your announcement soon. Everyday makes me nervous. Hihi. Im really really hoping & praying to win. I Love lipstick too much. But as of now, I'd rather buy important things for my son. So winning these set would make me the happiest woman alive. Haha. Thank you so much for this chance and thanks also for your advice about on my hair problems:)

  14. I would go for Lincoln Rose this summer. I love wearing red and reddish lipsticks because they can freshen up my haggard face in an instant. And since it's summer and is always hot, i feel more comfortable wearing just the basics- eyebrow pencil, powder foundation and a lipstick that could brighten up my face and hide my zombie-looking lips.

  15. Phoebe Ruth RobertoMay 10, 2015 at 5:38 PM

    Hi Ms. Phoebe! I believe that summer would definitely be awesome with the Orange Power Shade :) I find it unique and fresh which is so fit on the weather :)

  16. Good luck Jeremy! :)

  17. Almaira CasanguanMay 13, 2015 at 6:20 AM

    I like to try the Pop Up Pink i think this shade rocks! Light and perfect fit for any summer outfit and i can be GoElectric with it.

  18. Definitely the Glamour Fushsia that shade is so gorgeous . ❤❤❤ Perfect for summer time ❤

  19. When is the announcement of winners po? :)

  20. It's already announced:) check the Rafflecopter app above.