Unsung Heroes: Vitress Hair Polish and Cuticle Coat

I've had this Vitress stash for a good while now and I feel like more than anything, it deserves a little limelight. :)

If you're at least in your 30s, it's very likely that you've survived bad hair days in high school with a little help from Splash Basix Control Hair Polish. Remember this posse?

 photo credit: Splash website

I'd like to consider myself rather lucky because all my life, my problems are just limited to falling hair (hello stress!), frizz, and lack of luster. I've tried plenty of high end and inexpensive hair products and the Splash Basix Control Hair Polish has never failed me. Especially when I had really long hair, it's really kept my hair tangle-free and manageable without tipping off my student allowance. ;)

Over 15 years later, I've moved on from Basix Control Hair Polish to its sister brand from Splash, Vitress. Between the polishes and serums, call me a true blue tita but I like the polish more. It gives me the most natural and flattering sheen I would want for my hair. Granted I leave half an inch of hair from my scalp free of the Vitress Hair Polish, my frizz-free hair feels virtually weightless

Available in 2 sizes (50ml and 100ml) and 3 specialized variants, I'm sure there's a variant that will tickle your fancy:
  • Strengthening – With VITA STRENGTH FORMULA that helps prevent split ends and breakage for strong, shiny hair

  • Long-Lasting Fragrance – With SCENT-INFINITY COMPLEX that keeps hair smelling fresh throughout the day for fragrant, shiny hair

  • Sun Protect – With SUN-DEFENSE SYSTEM that helps protect hair from sun
Of the three, the Sun Protect variant is my favourite since I'm always out in the sun. Here are some snaps from not too long ago where I used Vitress Hair Polish Sun Protect as the last step of my tumble-dry-set hair routine.

If you want an extra oomph in your hair ritual to smoothen dry, dull, and hard to manage tresses, you can try the Vitress Cuticle Coat. I haven't tried this myself but I have gal pals who swear by this as their go to product as they favour super shiny finish over what the hair polish can give. It's said to give instant and intense shine in a couple of drops and also comes in different formulas:
  • Instant Relax - with Vita-Relax Technology that helps flatten unruly, wavy hair for a naturally straighter look

  • Heat Protect - with Thermo-Shield Complex that protects hair from harmful effects of frequent curling, ironing and blow-drying, so you can wear all the hairstyles you want

  • Hair Repair - with Hydro-Restore System that resists the ill-effects of chemicals used in perming, dyeing and other hair treatments

Have you tried these Vitress hair products yourself? What are your faves from this brand and product line? Spill them below! :)
4 comments on "Unsung Heroes: Vitress Hair Polish and Cuticle Coat"
  1. I been using vitress for a long time since it my hair tends to dry sometimes and sometimes oily. This products are good and affordable too. Btw, you look good at any haircuts and hairstyle. Hopefully, me too. Nice review Ms. Phoebe.

  2. Thank you so much Jeremy! :)

    What I learned overtime with any hair care product's that I have to give it a "break" for best results. When I'm break from Vitress, I use leave-on stuff from either Kerastase or Dove. Try it too! ;)

  3. Thanks for the advice ms.phoebe.wil try dove or kerastase. It really makes me sad because no matter how much I take good care of my hair, it became unruly and frizzy always. Thanks again:)

  4. You're always welcome! :)