5 Course Degustation at Le Jardin Manila

I've been to Le Jardin Manila a good handful of times but it wasn't until yesterday that I had the opportunity to sit down and savor a slow and self-paced lunch degustation. Muchos gracias to our friends from Luxasia, Issey Miyake, and Paint It Red, I was able to play with my senses more ways than one! :)

The hustle & bustle a couple of weeks back at Le Jardin Manila

Like most degustations, yesterday's lavish 5-course meal started with brioche and butter. We got our amuse bouche (ah-myuz boosh) shortly and it was a good prelude to the entree and main I chose prior to our luncheon.


Scrambled egg with truffles

A little background about me in case we just met. After graduating from college, I went to ISCAHM and took up Culinary Arts. Out of all the dishes imaginable, my favourite and forte's got to be Swiss and French. I love working with cheese, cream, and wine. Hands down -- my favourite garnish are truffles. While I wouldn't consider myself a subject matter expert on cooking, I have to say that I can babble all day as an educated, massive consumer. ;)

Going back to the brouillade, purists would suggest calling this as "brouillade aux truffes" since really, it's scrambled egg with truffle shavings. As decadent as its name, this should be devoured with caution. To make brouillade as velvety as what we had, it has to be loaded with the best eggs you could find coupled with extra fatty butter. #ohmyheart


Coquille St. Jacques Poêlées, Purée de Pommes de Terre aux Truffes
Seared scallops with truffled mashed potatoes

Oui! Scallops and truffles! I can die happy now...or maybe not yet as there's more to come in a few. But seriously, I was in heaven as I nommed on my entree of choice. Scallops when cooked (pan seared in this case) perfectly are a joy to savor. Coupled with truffled mashed potatoes, I could care less if I'm downing almost a thousand calories. If you're a mermaid like me, you'll very likely enjoy this dish.

Palette Cleanser

Yesterday's palate cleanser's lemon sorbet with basil oil. I heard some call it an odd combination but really, it works! One's exceptionally refreshing while another facet mellows the senses down.


Joue de Boeuf et Foie Gras Poêlée
Braised beef cheek topped with pan seared foie gras

*cracks knuckes* There's no acceptable excuse noshing this dish. Interestingly, beef cheek when not prepared correctly, is very tough because it's also very lean. To prep, this has to be slow cooked to perfection. Once done right, it's like ecstasy in your mouth. Mmmmm. The foie gras? Good lawddddd I must be very good to deserve this. To enjoy foie gras, similar to truffles and caviar, one must have an acquired taste to it. Unlike truffles, I don't enjoy foie gras often. Twice a year is more than enough for me. :)



Le Jardin Manila boasts that they make their own cheese of which they should be proud because their cheese is great. It's the perfect "break" from the mains before the sweet finale of one's degustation. In case the snap above is not cheesy enough (pun intended), here's another serving from the recently concluded Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Summer Collection launch:


Dessert de Gils

This is where the girls and I were just closing our eyes in disbelief silently saying "life is soooo good!". Fresh berries, sorbet, handmade ice cream, delicate meringue, and other delectable knick knacks. More than our swelling bellies, this sweet treat made its way to our Instagram accounts in a couple of blinks.

Le Jardin Manila is located at the Penthouse of W Fifth Avenue Building (5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City). To make table reservations, you can call them at +63 917 817 6584. Degustation menus start at Php 2,000/pax.
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