Sample Room Girls’ Night Out at Smith Butcher and Grill Room

Let me state the obvious: my girlfriends and I LOVE to eat. More than dibs on beauty, I think we’re even bigger foodies. Our Sample Room family knows this too well and it totally makes sense to hold our thanksgiving dinner somewhere intimate (so that we can giggle to our hearts’ desire!) and filling. The team’s notoriously good at surprises and this year’s dinner didn’t disappoint.

Their to die for steaks are housed in their own room like a boss!

While their air-flown steaks are highly commendable, there are also other facets of Smith Butcher and Grill Room's menu that’s definitely noteworthy. Their ocean proteins are fresh and salmon slabs are so milky, pardon me but I’m salivating as I recount this dinner!

Can we take a moment to savor the details in their private room? The Sample Room team brought the flowers in and it made the already divine room even more pristine.

heehee yes, those are my DIY nails that night. It’s the latest gel polish from Girlstuff: SOLIQUE in Baby Blues. More about this in a couple of days!

Ready to virtually nom with me?

Baked Rockefeller Oysters
Php 180 a piece

Big Eye Tuna Poke
Wasabi, Calamansi, Avocado & Caviar
Php 450

Prime Beef Capaccio & Black Truffle
Php 550

Entrecote Rib Eye U.S.A.
Prime angus, grain fed, wet aged 3 days
Large, Php 4300
also available in small and medium portions

Baked Alaska
Php 298

We had so much more than the photos above (hint: multiply the steak and oysters by 4, give everyone a slab each of the Norwegian salmon). We also had great wine and shakes that’re tattooed on my mind, unforgettable sides (the risotto and spinach are my favourites), and salads that beat all salads out there. I think the girls will agree if I exclaim that I highly recommend this place for picky eaters and lavish yet intimate gatherings. If I were to bring a date with an appetite as good as mine, I’ll probably prepare around Php 2500-3000 per person.

Our growing Sample Room family <3
photo via @earthlingorgeous

Smith Butcher and Grill Room
ACI Building
147 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City