Daily Luxe: The V-Lift Cryo Facial at the Shiseido Beauty Suite

When foreigners (I know personally) find out that I’m a Filipina, I’m always asked what’s the best thing about living in the Philippines. I always snap with pride three things: the food, our pristine beaches, and the variety of beauty treatments nearly everyone has access to. While I love living abroad where a lot of things seem to be more functional and efficient (ie. shopping returns, transport system, tax filing, etc.), I don’t know if I’m quite ready to give up my homegrown vanity. It’s no secret that I get RF treatments on my face twice a month and diamond peels on the weeks in between the last 4 years or so. These treatments help me get the most millage out of my skin care and has really been instrumental destressing me week over week in this urban jungle called Metro Manila.

For those who like me, cannot live without these daily luxuries, you must add the latest treatment from Shiseido called V-Lift Cryo Facial. Side by side with friends from the media and select VIPs, I had the chance to try it in the 3-day Shiseido Beauty Suite at the Raffles Residences.

photo credit: @kimpalanca

The Hanatsubaki Suite – where I was pampered to bits for almost 30 minutes

Can you almost smell the fresh sheets and light floral notes?

Very similar to last year’s Beauty Penthouse, one can also experience various touches of luxury, prestige, beauty, and the much loved Japanese “Omotenashi” (the act of providing detailed service in a variety of ways to allow guests to spend a relaxing and memorable time by putting customers first) at the Beauty Suite. To complement this new pampering service, our friends from Shiseido partnered it with a well complementing range — the new White Lucent.

Together with White Lucent range, the V-Lift Cryo Facial aids in achieving a glowing and brightened complexion that’s also significantly lifted, firm, and contoured. Blatantly comparing it with the RF treatments I’m hooked on, this feels much, much more comfortable and relaxing esp. this summer since the tip of the machine’s wand drops temp from -5 to 0 degrees Celsius.

Apart from this machine that’s ironically melted all my worries and anxieties away for 15 minutes, there were more beauty candies for noshing and feasting at the Shiseido Beauty Suite:

  • Personalized beauty consultation by our Japanese beauty Consultant Ms. Nao Azuma
  • Shiseido Parlour-themed sweet and savory buffet
  • Complete Shiseido Make-over by our Shiseido Makeup-Expert Team
  • Personalized Portrait Shoot

photo credit: @jen_jimenez 

To experience the V-Lift Cryo Facial and try out the White Lucent range for yourself, visit the nearest Shiseido store near you. To locate, check their Facebook page (Shiseido Philippines), and Twitter (ShiseidoPh) for more pricing and participating branches.
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