DIY Hair Colour and No-Heat Daily Keratin Treatment

Whenever I look at my monthly vanity expenses, hair colour and care never leaves my top 3 (top 1 is facial care treatments followed by dental). Always have, always been obsessed with hair that I don't mind bringing lunch to work at the expense of a full, shiny, and strong hair. :) #noshame

While my last 'do is by Lourd Ramos (read more about it here), I'm sharing 3 DIY finds in our hopes of saving our hard-earned moolah without compromising our crowning glory.

First up is Excellence Crème from L'Oreal Paris. This DIY hair colour needs no introduction because it's become a local household name over the years. I've used so many shades from this range in the past and I've never experienced allergies nor falling or coarse hair after application. It's almost always on sale and if you're lucky, some department stores such as SM Makati even apply it in store for free!

Lola with her natural locks, me wearing L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme in Golden Dark Blonde

Shades Cream Hair Dye is another DIY hair colour I have in my boudoir. I recently got this from Sample Room (only worth 50 points!) and based on the reviews, it's pretty promising! Good to know that it's free from parabens and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. As a precaution: based on my friend's experience, one box can only cover hair up to the shoulders' length and the colour ends up a shade darker than the box even with coloured hair.

For me, the last and most important part of DIY hair care is daily maintenance. I'm notorious among my friends and house guests to have the most complex "hair game". So complex that it can put a salon to shame. LOL

my hair "essentials" from February 2012

Fast forward to 2016, I've massively trimmed this list down (I promise!) and only sticking with a few cards. TRESemme is becoming a big favorite. Have you tried their Platinum Strength line? That range surprisingly and significantly reduced my hair fall.

I'm currently all over the Keratin Smooth range because allows me to control my frizz at and get salon-gorgeous hair at the comfort of my own home. It took just one wash for me to believe in its magic. Sounds like a commercial? A lot of ladies on their local Facebook page's also raving about it so it can't just be me. *wink*

Do you love to pamper your tresses DIY style? What are your trusted products? Share them below!
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