Merry & Bright: Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks by Color Sensational

Maybelline New York sent me this popping kit last week and raving about it couldn't quite wait! They're all statement makers in hue, non-drying (yay!), and very affordable at only Php 299 each.

Maybelline Vivid Matte by Color Sensational
Vivid 5, Vivid 6, Vivid 7, Vivid 8, Vivid 13

While they don't swatch true from their tube colours, this roster's pretty irresistible. They're all very wearable (my fair skin toned mom and I tried all of them and they look great!) and uniform in consistency. For bright mattes, they nicely glide like butter and stay on pretty well. Here's my arm after wiping off the swatch with MAC Wipes:

To make it last longer than its 3-5 hour average wear time, I moisturize my lips before I take a shower. When it's time to wear makeup, I blot my lips (to remove excess balm) then smear on a layer of Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks (Vivid 8 is my favourite!). I blot again then paint another layer of my lipstick of choice in light, vertical lines. Whenever I need to retouch, I always apply my lipstick using a brush rather than re-smearing the tube on my lips. On an average, these simple tips extend my lipstick's lip life by 1-2 hours.

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  1. i like the vivid8 i've been loving all their collection releases for this year