Tried, Tested, Proven: L'Oreal Infallible

L'Oreal INFALLIBLE and I've been friends since mid-2016. In six months, we've gone to various destinations both local and foreign and it's always kept my make-up on point. Minimal touch-ups here and there, no smears nor serious meltdowns. The best part is -- it's almost always on sale!

Two weeks ago, L'Oreal challenged me to try out the INFALLIBLE range through an electrifying (read: your tita got wiped out) workout. Their promise? That the INFALLIBLE 24hr Foundation (Php 700) is sweat-proof, the INFALLIBLE 16HR Pro-Matte Powder (Php 600) topped with the INFALLIBLE Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender & Setting Spray (Php 500) can withstand harsh lights, wind, and smoke, and that the INFALLIBLE 10hr Lipstick (Php 500) is food-proof. How do you think did the range fare?

Here's a quick timeline of events on my recent INFALLIBLE test:

5:35PM Had my INFALLIBLE makeover. We used the INFALLIBLE 24hr Foundation in 120 and INFALLIBLE 10hr Lipstick in Resilient Raisin.

5:47PM Catch up with Shenny! YAY!
6:15PM Shimmied my behind to the 30 minute workout.
6:50PM Pat my sweat dry. Nice to see my makeup intact (!!!).
7:10PM Put on some INFALLIBLE 16HR Pro-Matte Powder in 200 and locked it in place thanks to the INFALLIBLE Pro-Spray Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray.
7:30PM Went to the nearby mall, had brekky (I work evenings).
8:30PM Arrived at work, didn't have to touch up on my lipstick. Blot my t-zone using just 1 oil control sheet. This is big since I almost always use 2-3 sheets.
11:30PM Had my second cup of coffee through a mug. Minimal stain on the mug.
5:30AM WOOHOO another day's done! I'm able to survive another busy workday without worrying about my makeup. My lipstick's faded significantly but left a nice and even stain. My facial makeup's stayed much longer this time around than when I tested it in the US during summer. It's also left me with a nice and second-skin, dewy finish.

Overall, I will recommend the entire range for the woman on the go who needs to look her best all day, all the time. Everything from this collection is reasonably priced and is widely available nationwide. If you're lucky (like right about now!), you can hoard on these beauty candies for less since they're on sale on both the counters and at Lazada. :)
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