Get Lit With LuMee Two

When it comes to the selfie game, one has to go big or go home. I remember last year, during our barkada's Christmas party in Gorda (they have great cocktails!), we kept on pulling out our phones to actually "assist" (using the flashlight) whoever's doing a selfie. Sure, it got the job done but it was so cumbersome and really, who wants to be left out in the group photo?

Then I discovered the joy of using the portable ring light. I like that this has evolved from being AAA operated to USB charged. Does it get the job done? Yes but girlllll the light is too white. For my skin tone, to get the colour right, I have to still have someone assist me when taking selfies. :-/

Enter LuMee Two (Php 2690, Beyond The Box) from LuMee. First in the market of selfie cases with built in lights, I first saw this on Kim Kardashian's IG. 

Some of her indoor and night selfies are lit the way I want mine so I've put this accessory in my wishlist. Imagine my glee when Beyond The Box sent me one for review. :)

The unit I received fits the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. I chose rose gold over gold to match my iPhone 7.

Apart from the lights, I like that my LuMee Two also promises maximum (phone) drop protection thanks to its tough outer shell, reinforced corners, and soft protective edges. Each unit nicely comes with its own charger too.

I tested the on/off + dim button and immediately slip my phone in. Unlike generic (aka. those you can get in Greenhills) phone cases, you don't have to worry about hitting the buttons when you put the phone in or out. Given you get the right LuMee Two case for your phone, you don't have to worry about it slipping out as well. 

Hi Lola! <3

Isn't it a beauty? *hearts all over* The LuMee Two and my iPhone 7 are a match made in heaven! The thickness is just right too since without a case, my phone has the tendency to slip off my hands.

I've been toting my phone housed in the LuMee Two for a couple of weeks now and it's always a party whenever my friends and I use it for our photos and before bedtime video calls (clingy problems!).

My favourite way to use the LuMee Two? It's when I do a makeup check in the car before I step out on date nights or even when I do selfies for the blog or Instagram since it warms up my face when the light is too white. Case point:

Before & After LuMee Two (brightest setting)

Shadows and eye bags begone! Love, love, love! If you're an iPhone user (supported models include 6/6s, 6 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus) and you want to bathe in soft, warm light everywhere, LuMee Two is the way to go. To game up your night out group shots and #foodporn in dim city nooks, get the LuMee Duo (Php 3190). It has both a front and back light strip to illuminate your back camera snaps.

Both the LuMee Two and LuMee Duo are available at Beyond The Box stores nationwide. For more information, you may visit, LIKE Beyond the Box on Facebook, and FOLLOW @beyondtheboxph on Instagram.
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