INSTALOVE: TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover

Attention nail lacquer lovers! I just repurchased this wonder find from the 2016 holidays. I first got it in the mail as a press present then decided to get another one after I finished my first bottle.
This melon-scented nail polish remover comes with a built-in brush that cleans color off the nails, including glitters. Comes in a 90 ml black container. Acetone-free and non-drying. Safe for kids, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Unscrewing the cap, the first thing you'd notice is the sweet melon scent.  It has nylon brushes that allow you to sweep off your nail lacquer/polish, even the toughest nail glitters. In the photos below, I'm wearing a base coat, 3 coats of Solique Desire, and 2 top coats. To remove it, I just dipped my fingernails and turned the jar twice to allow the nylon brush to go over my polish. Don't worry about your nails -- it's non-drying as long as you don't over-soak your fingertips.

*voila* just like magic!

If you're interested to purchase a TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover, you can purchase it online at Nippon Esthetic Solutions for only Php 350 (90ml). You can visit this link too to find a store near you.

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