JINIO by Xend

I'm a big fan of Johnny Air but I've been super busy lately to bother myself to going to their office to pick up my stuff from the US. My brother suggested that I try Jinio. Signing up is easy -- just input your details, fill out a US form and upload a photo and signature bearing photo ID. Once your account's verified, you can go ahead and ship to your US Jinio address.

I almost forgot about this Xend sister service until I remembered to grab my birthday and VIB treats from Sephora US last August 22 (yes, this review is WAY overdue). I put together a mini haul and after two days, I got a notification from Jinio that my 12-piece package's arrived.

What drew me into trying this service is the fact that they ship your package to your doorstep via Xend (or pick it up in their office to save), minify (remove unnecessary packaging), and check the contents for obvious damages. They also took a photo of my box's content for me to see it for myself before settling the bill.

After paying my dues, I'm directed to a tracker page with my tracking number plus package ETA:

On September 7, I got a surprise in the mail! My package arrived earlier than anticipated. Wrapped in the classic Xend blue wrapper, I immediately ripped it open.

Everything I ordered arrived in pristine condition. Silly, as I type this, I'm reordering another stash from Sephora for Jinio to ship my way. So excited to get my grubby hands on it! :)
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