Self-Care 2018 Series: Brazilian Waxing at Lay-Bare Bonifacio Stopover

Just before 2018 kicked in, like you, I made my own resolutions. You may have noticed that everyone was all about "self-care" last year. It may seem as easy as it sounds until I learned recently that the term goes beyond its two words. After a couple of good reads, I learned about its five dimensions and how truthfully, incorporating all five may indeed bring the peace urban jungle dwellers like you and I crave for.

I can go on and on about my resolutions and how it ties back to the 5 self-care dimensions above. For today though, I will indulge you on a little sulit discovery I got over the holidays. :)

When it comes to unwanted body hair, I think we can all agree that I won the genetic jackpot. I don't have leg nor arm hair and I lost my underarm hair after 1 IPL session 2-3 years ago. That's not all! :) The hair on my upper lip and bikini area also grow pretty slow. Can you believe I still miss out on this grooming task? EEEEEPPP! I think one of the reasons why I always stall these appointments is because my trusted waxer is situated in a city quite far from where I both live and work. I don't know about you but waxing is such a sacred "me time" for me and I don't like sharing it with different strangers each time. On top of that, I'm very big on the cleanliness of the place given hair removal in general will cause your pores to open up and potentially cause some minor lesions. You don't want any post-treatment infections, right?

So finally, I booked myself an appointment at Lay-Bare Bonifacio Stopover to get my cold bikini wax done! I didn't have any swimming or heavy workout sessions upcoming so I went all in and got the Brazilian wax (only Php 500 for the ladies!). While I won't share photos of the actual process (TMI hahaha!), I want to show you around branch. Can we all agree that the lobby is so chica and maaliwalas?

Some branches also have the kiosk up for you to confirm your appointment and personal details. This is hooked up on their online appointment system, making it more convenient to block time for yourself when you want it, when you need it. Hassle to wait forever in a lobby for your turn, diba?

This is where the magic happens. Super clean given I went on a busy day!

Confession: the first thing I do when I get to salons like this is inspect the bedding's cleanliness. This one's crisp and clean. Lovettttt!

My new BFF aka. Rina used this much wax to remove my body hair (bikini area). She said that this is the standard quantity prepared per customer on such area but they can always add more at no additional cost if the need arises.

The start to finish of the actual hair removal process only took 15 minutes which is great! I can't really imagine pulling my pants down in front of a complete stranger longer than that. LOL The pain I'd say is similar to having hot wax removal. Tiis ganda talaga bes. To cap off my appointment, Rina reminded me of the dos and don't after the treatment which is always helpful in preventing mishaps.

To date, Lay-Bare has 104 branches nationwide. To find a branch near you, visit If you're from Taguig, I highly recommend their Bonifacio Stopover branch sitting on the 3rd floor of the said building. Look for Rina and mention to her that you stumbled on her info via my blog! :)
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