Walking Down the Aisle with the TenTen Bella Donna Collection

While I'm so far from being a bride as I type this, I can't help but wonder what's it like to choose the most flattering nail color to seal the deal with. Cause you know, priorities of an NOTD enthusiast! :) 

I knew I was in for a treat when I got this box from TenTen in the mail. Unboxing it was a totally different story. It made me gush with joy as if I'm really a bride-to-be! The box even came in with a personal note (love it!) and a three insert product sheet that were printed on heavy paper as if it were wedding invites.

In case I haven't mentioned yet, may I admit shamelessly that receiving beautiful PR kits is one of my favourite beauty blogger perks? This for one is so thoughtfully and lovingly curated for the ultimate experience! <3

Apart from the TenTen Bella Donna Collection, my care package also had a Nippon Soy Wax Candle in Bergamot + Jasmine, a mini Soleil Et Lune fragrance in Gabrielle, and a trio of TenTen Nail Polish Remover, Base Coat, and Top Coat.

left to right
Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Champagne, Platinum

Taking a closer look at the bridal collection, I love that there's a shade for everybody. They're universally flattering and the selection goes beyond the creamy, dainty shades -- there's also a bold and metallic number for anyone looking for a little more zest into the wedding palette. Each hue's described by the TenTen team to the dot:
  • Wedding Dress is an opalescent white to match your gorgeous gown
  • Bridesmaid is a silky ivory tint dusted with timid pink
  • Flower Girl is a delicate pink perfect for summer weddings
  • Champagne is a translucent pale taupe that exudes elegance
  • Platinum is a fun metallic silver for wedding party-ready nails
I wanted to wear Champagne first but with my blue tinted hair, my hair colour has the tendency to bleed during showers and leaves my nail polish stained. I grabbed Platinum instead and ended up snickering cause I really, really like it! Realizing I have some more time, I painted my toenails with my first pick, Champagne. It's a bright neutral that makes nails look healthier given its subtle translucence. Love!

If these hues aren't enough to convince you to take them for a spin yet, don't forget that all TenTen nail polishes are 5 free, chip-resistant, sports an anti-yellow formula, can last up to 10 days, has an awesome and easy to glide on brush, and safe for children, breastfeeding moms and even pregnant women. :)

The Bella Donna Collection from TenTen is now available at Nippon Esthetic. They're sold separately for only Php 120 each.
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