SPEND vs. SAVE: DIY Powder Masks and Facial Mists

When it comes to DIY beauty products and rituals, I'd like to believe that one can have the best "me time" without spending so much. Since I discovered Origins RitualiTEA last year, I've already purchased my third tin can just because it's so good! It does the job and really takes me to la la land in a matter of minutes. Also featured above is my favouite facial mist from the Shiseido Ibuki range. Our little love affair's already been ongoing for two years and 4 bottles now. An absolute must have for me esp. when I'm traveling long haul, intercontinental flights!

I recently discovered 5 items from a relatively new, homegrown brand that delivers the same DIY bliss of the "spend" items above. Skin Revolution is a frugalista's dream come true. It provides "practical solutions to your modern-day skin dilemmas" with "effective complexion-enhancing skincare at affordable prices".

I'd like to think that the Powder Peel Off Masks are the stars of the show here. As you can see in the snap below, each tub is full to the brim and only Php 400 each at BeautyMNL.com.

There are three variants available: 24K Gold + Ginseng (brightening, energizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle), Aloe Vera (whitening, moisturizing, healing, pore tightening), and Snail + Collagen (whitening and nourishing). Preparing it is even easier than making breakfast for one. Just mix 2 tbsp of the product with 1.5 tbsp water (or milk for a more luxe feel). Spread on your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The result I get from these masks are always rave worthy: super soft, baby smooth skin that's bright and glowing.

Whether I'm traveling or not, facial mists have moved on to skin care must haves for me. They're great toners on the go plus, cakey make up correctors, and shortcuts to fresh looking skin. Skin Revolution has three Toning Facial Mists (Php 250, 50ml) variants: Aloe Vera (nourishes, heals, and soothes the skin), Collagen (anti-aging, nourishing, improves skin elasticity), and Vitamin C (moisturize, nourishes, and energizes the skin). While I've yet to see long term effects, I like how they instantly refresh my skin esp. on crazy hot days since they also give off this slight cooling sensation.

To checkout the entire product range of Skin Revolution, visit their brand page at BeautyMNL. You can also give them some Instalove at @skin.revolution. <3
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