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B&W closet goals <333

Apart from beauty finds, close friends know that I used to collect bags. Totes, slings, hobos, baguettes -- you name it I got them all! Until I had to move spaces and countries every so often, my collection just kept growing and growing. Fast forward to today, I'm (proudly) down to just under 10 favourite pieces and two of them are from local leather crafters such as Costal (@costal.bags) and Pravi (@pravibags).

last week's Oh My Bag haul

Owning less means I have to give my bags the TLC they deserve. I have to do it double time because I'm so fond of simple and plain shapes that are made out of pure leather (scroll further to see three of my faves). That's why I love the products of Oh My Bag. They're inexpensive, genius little finds that extend the life of my well-loved bags.

Starting with the most basic -- the Base Shaper for Longchamp Neo Medium Short Handle in Black (Php 395). I wish I got this when my "uniform" bag was brand new! It's lightweight yet heavy duty, protecting our Longchamp Neo's interior base from sagging and getting dirty.

left - right
without and with the Base Shaper for Longchamp Neo Medium Short Handle

Another neat way to makeover, protect, and improve the quality of our bags is by using Handle Wraps. This trend's really grown in me since I have bags with really thin handles. Case point -- my gray Costal Harper Mini  handle:

Choosing from Oh My Bag's selection was really hard because everything's so pretty! I did manage to slim down my choices to two pairs: Amanda Pink Summer Handle Wraps (Php 450) and Michelle Black Handle Wraps (Php 299).

Amanda's fabric is stretchy making it perfect for bags with longer handles. Michelle on the other hand is made out of satin and goes with bags with shorter handles. They're both approximately 1.5 inches in width and 37.5 inches in length. Here's how the handle wraps work with my bags:

Alternatively, esp. with the satin handle wraps, you can just tie it as a ribbon on the straps or use as a super shala headband to prettify your tresses.

The last two items from my haul are super smart! It's been raining on and off these days and our bags need bag raincoats as much as we need umbrellas. :) Oh My Bag carries bag raincoats in 2 sizes -- small (Php 220, 15.5 x 22 inches) and large (Php 220, 18 x 22 inches). They tuck up neatly and come with a free pouch like the ones above (mascara's placed there for scale when folded). Here's how two of my favourite bright "basics" look like with bag raincoats:

Pravi Savanna in Medium Brown Bag Raincoat

Rabeanco Large Bonham in a Large Black Bag Raincoat

Ready to give your bags some serious Oh My Bag loving? Head on to to start shopping before a bag disaster stresses you out! :)
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