UNBOXING: Huge Esfolio K-Beauty Haul!

It's been a while since I unboxed with all of you! I've been getting a lot of packages (both press samples and hauls) and typically, my EQ won't let me go as far as taking my camera out to document process. LOL Today's pretty different though as this extra heavy Esfolio K-beauty themed box deserves so much love and snaps! <3

You may have noticed that I'm all about Jap and K-beauty the past year or so. Apart from working for my skin type, most products I love are also budget friendly. These Green Tea Facial Cleansing Tissues for example, are only Php 120/20 sheets.

I got this on a whim since I'm currently obsessed with efficient yet gentle wipes. If you're a beauty maven who skin and lip swatch day and night, you've got to try these wipes! No eye sting/blurring, no offending scent too.

Above's my arm after running the wipe lightly on my swatched arm. It only took 2 swipes to flawlessly clean my arm. Definitely re-purchasing these wipes once I run out!

I just moved flats and I've been bathing 3-4x a day because of all the unboxing and cleaning I've been doing. Typically, bathing this much strips my skin dry. I took the Esfolio Coenzyme Q10 Fresh Cleansing Body Wash (Php 449, 500ml) for a spin and noticed that I get all the grime out without the fear of drying entire body crazy. This wash is best complemented with the Coenzyme Q10 Fresh Cleansing Body Lotion (Php 449, 500ml)  next to it. They're both smell fresh and help you fight the battle against skin aging, toxins, and pollution thanks to Coenzyme Q10 (studies show that it stimulates collagen production and skin cell activity).

While I was shopping online at esfolio.ph, these two items caught my attention. I'm a frequent traveler and I can't absolutely board a plane without hand cream and sunblock.

The Pure Skin Fresh Pink Peach Hand Cream (Php 229, 100ml) smells like ripe, juicy peaches you'd love to sink your teeth on. I like that this hand cream's easily absorbed and travel-friendly. Bonus points on the double packaging too (tube seal and box), making it easy to wrap if you're gifting it off. The Multi Grain Sun Cream (Php 549, 50g) has a high potential of becoming my next favourite sun block. It's very light and non-sticky, didn't cause breakouts, and already has SPF 50/PA +++. WIN!

Saving the best for last, I got a bunch of facial skin care stuff for more chok chok goodness. :) I chose 4 products that promise whitening and smoothening. While I don't intend to get super fair skin, I'm still managing pigmentation issues on my cheeks reason why I chose the Soy Milk Daily Skin Set (Php 2500 for 3 full sized items that are also sold separately) and the Snail Memory Shape Jelly Pack (Php 749, 100g).  Best for oily and combination skin, the Soy Milk Daily Skin Set promises hydration, brightening, and minimization of fine lines and acne marks if used on a daily basis.

The Snail Memory Shape Jelly Pack on the other hand serves as my current night cream to calm active acne and soothe my skin while lightening my scars. Here's how each tub looks like when opened:

The Snail Memory Shape Jelly Pack looks and feels like a creamy jelly dessert while the Soy Milk Daily Cream looks like full whipped cream.

what jelly dreams are made of <3

Outside of this batch, I was buying some home stuff at Metro Department Store Market! Market! when I saw the Esfolio kiosk. They're one of the brands participating in the Beauty Fair at Metro and some (if not all) their items are on sale up to 30%! I naturally took advantage of this and hauled on these mask sheets for only Php 40 each (regular price is Php 54.95).

No Metro store near you? Their webbie has a lot of sale items too! Hurry and visit esfolio.ph and take advantage of their sale until November 15. Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter or follow us them on facebook.com/EsfolioPhilippines to get FREE SHIPPING on your first order (min. purchase of Php 500).
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