Majolica Majorca Spring 2011: Sugary Trap

Majolica Majorca introduced the latest collection last Thursday at the sweetest place in town, Bizu. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on these babies for a while and well, it didn’t even a bit disappoint. :)

See anything odd in the macarons bar?

Take a closer look:

The equally delish Opera mini cakes & new Jeweling Eyes quads:

Just for fun, we were asked to design cupcakes and sugar cookies. What a chica way to spend the afternoon!

I wish I can pass cupcakes to all of you via the www but I naturally can’t. :P I hope these snaps will do for now!

Pressed Pore Cover, Php 895

Covers pores and imperfections in just one application.
Soft and delicate fine powder comes in a charming, sweet pastel 2011 limited edition case.

Puff de Cheek
Php 795

No special technique needed for sweet cheeks!
Rosy sweet and blush so enticing, you can’t resist!

cute little powder puffs <333

Peach Macaroon (PK301), Strawberry Macaroon (PK 303)
Vanilla Macaroon (82), Apricot Macaroon (OR302)

Vanilla, Apricot, Peach, Strawberry

I love how these babies remain natural looking, smooth, and silky for hours! Peach Macaroon is my absolute favourite from the quad because it complements my medium-fair Asian skin tone perfectly. For size comparison, lemme show you my fave macaroon next to my fave Cheek Customizer:

Puff de Cheek Peach Macaroon & Cheek Customizer in RD 255

Jeweling Eyes, Php 795
Translucent pearls of diverse sizes glitter from every angle!
Eyes glimmer like jewels with new, sweet eyeshadow colors.
Available in Caramelise (BR631) and Strawberry Cake (PK330).

I swatched these kitties but I my snaps ended like meh. Here are the swatches from one of my favourite beauty blogs, (her Youtube vids are a must see!):

Lash Expander Frame Plus and Cream Pencil Liner, Php 595
Smooth touch.
Glides effortlessly like a pencil but draws sharp lines like a liquid liner.
Create sweet-inspired eyes as you like.
Waterproof to preserve the beauty of your eye-catching line.

Available in Mocha Brown (BR 611) and Bitter Black (BK999, above).

Lash Expander Frame Plus in BR666 (Php 795)
Super strengthening liquid base with jet black fibers mascara
in a new limited color.
Surprising, sweet, inspiring long lashes.
Sweat, sebum, tear, and water proof.

Hope you liked my sweet Sunday treat for all of you! :)

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