Reader Q&A: What’s your fave DIY facial mask?

Bias aside, my vote definitely goes to Neutrogena Fine Fairess Deep Whitening Mask (Php 990 /box of 5 sheets). Apart from the instant and lasting brightening kick, it also leaves my skin so soft and radiant. I love this mask a lot that I’d be scared for life (for now at least that nothing beats it IMHO) if Neutrogena will face it out. Checkout my secret stash to see how addicted I am:

a stack of 15 is <333

Instead of following the instructions, I like sleeping in the morning (or evening…) with a mask on. While the effect is awesome, it might not be the best thing to do if you’re the type of sleeper that rolls around. :)

Thanks for sending this quick Q, Calai!
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