Plan(ner)s Laid Out

Year after year, the new year excites me because of one nostalgic and rather shallow reason: turning over planners. I'm a big fan of going green and digitizing everything but I can't seem to let go of the fun and passion of jotting down itineraries, crossing out completed items, doodling goals, and whatnot on paper using my favourite Stabilo Galaxy 818 XF ball point pen in purple, pink, and blue. :)

my 2010 best friends: ragged and ratty by late October

I must always have two planners. I say must because I don't want my (too) personal ish lying around at work. It's nothing that will kick my b*** out of the office but I'm talking about insurance policies, bank account inserts, and the like. Last year, my planners were published by the same company. I got the BDJ as a gift while I guzzled on so much caffeine for my work planner aka. the Coffee Bean Giving Journal.

For 2012, I supported Coffee Bean's campaign again because part of their proceeds will benefit my Church's foundation, Real Life Foundation (ok and the journal itself's too pretty to resist). It's quite a task to go to the branch closest to my office building though so I got to bag its competitor's version a tad faster (like I have a planner in 2 weeks hahaha):

Hello 2012 must haves!

my 2012 work planner

This planner's not really love at first sight but with coffee trips thrice a day, I think you can tell this was sort of a giveaway for me (another freebee -- XX lbs I gained because of the extra hot, Venti white cranberry mocha). I only found its charm when I first scribbled on it.

Left: daily meetings Right: beauty products for review

The paper's oh-so slippery smooth (only a true stationery nut will notice this)! My pen glides on every page effortlessly! Ang ganda tuloy ng sulat ko! :) I like the Moleskine touch too where there's a pocket at the back cover. Very useful for coupons and the like.

My personal planner came a little too late and as a wonderful surprise. By too late I mean I only got it last 30 December so I was almost sold to purchasing another planner to be left inside my bag. I got this in the mail from our friends from Sun Life Philippines.

Can I just say this planner has everything I'm looking for in a personal planner? No exag but it has everything I need in terms of short and long term goal setting, budget and expense tracking, account maintenance, and of course -- ample vertical space for daily notes.

*le sigh* I love my 2012 planners! I love them tad much that they're starting to get the beating from me. :) I'm curious -- do you share the same planner passion that I have? What planner/s did you get for 2012? Spill the beans below! :)


Because I've been extremely blessed last year I decided to reward more of my loyal readers this year by recognizing the commenter of the month! It's not going to be a random draw but will be based on the quality of feedback (it can be a question, reaction, or a request even) he or she leaves on each post. For January, I'm giving away this awesome Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle trio. :)

16 comments on "Plan(ner)s Laid Out"
  1. wow you got lots of planners there! I used to own a BDJ and Starbucks planner but I tend to write only on the first few days and forget it afterwards... Now, I just use my trusty iPad and iPhone 4 as my planner! It's more convenient for me too since I always bring it around! :))

    Happy new year!

  2. Funny trivia: all itinerary in my "work" planner's synced to my BB! Talk about redundancy! :) Happy new year!

  3. I love planners! I fell in love with it when I was in still in college. I love the old school style of jotting down rants and ravings of the day. And ofcourse your kakiligan moments with your crush. I remember my organizer (that's what I use as my planner) should always be from Tickles (yeah talk about old school). The best thing about planners is when you read them back at the end of the year and you realized how blessed you were (I never fail to write down my daily blessings, and good things that happened that day). As a new year begins, while reading my 2011 planner all I am hoping is a good year ahead for everyone!

  4. Confession: when I was in HS I saved up for those Tickles planners big time! August palang nagb-baon na ko just to get those plaid planners by Christmas. hahaha

    Happy new year! :)

  5. i love planners too! :) for this year i'll have 7 planners :P i also have my Starbucks planner for my full time work; i also have my Sun Life It's Time planner for my financial planning; i have my Belle de Jour for my personal stuff (goals, social, dreams, migration, bucket list, etc); i have Coffeebean Journal for moonlighting and Seattle's Best Journal for anything goes! then, i will pickup my Entrep Planner tomorrow for my business plans and waiting for my Filed Planner i ordered online for my school stuff. whew!! :D

  6. ohh my Seattle's Best Journal is now for my fitness/food plan :P

  7. I love it! That's OCD and compartmentalizing at its finest! :)

  8. I also have 2 planners, one that's purely work (corporate freebies) and one for personal affairs (fave is BDJ). :) With everything digital, writing on paper is almost therapeutic nowadays! Happy 2012!

  9. Skipped planners last year and used a datebook + a notebook instead. This year will be my first with a BDJ planner. Not sure if I'll stick with it the entire year. I'm finding writing space a little too restricted compared to my free space from last year's notebook. I also got the Starbucks planner in Oak, as back up. A friend from work gave me the 2011 planner last year as a gift but I never used it, will use it as a notebook someday. :)

  10. Hi!:)
    How about adding this planner to your collection?:)
    It will only work in 2012! hehe

    The Supposed 'End-Of-The World' Planner 2012

    It’s just something to make the ride a little more fun. . .
    This planner will literally help you PLAN your 2012 as if it were your LAST!!!

    - Different theories on how the world will end
    - Different strategies on how to survive -- per theory
    - To Do List
    - "To Do" List
    - End of the World Playlist
    - DIY Survival Kit
    - Template Goodbye letters
    - Special End-of-the-world Coupons
    - and many many more!

  11. I agree Planners are a must haves... The Belle de Jour planners are adorable.. I hope to own one haha. I always bring my planner with me so I only bought pocket planners at National Bookstore, it's lightweight, small and space saving.. I put my to do, birthdays and anniversary reminders, due dates for my bills and a lot more... It's very helpful to me... I'm a mess without my planner :D

  12. At every start of each year, we look forward to a new beginning.
    We'd like to take into account everything that we are planning to do
    in our succeeding days.
    And to have a handy planner, is a great help for us to organize our year ahead.

    I must say that the planners you featured here in your blog, looks
    so classy & cute!=)I think if I have those kinds of planners, it'll be a source of encouragement & inspiration to look at it everyday & reach my set goals for each year!

    More power to you & God bless!

  13. Planners will always be a must have for me every year, say December. Why? Because every Christmas Party I always ask this from someone (manito/manita) who got my name... :) It doesn't matter if it would be color black, brown, white or it comes from starbucks or any dept. stores in town. As long as it have the basic content a planner must have. With my planner I could do two things : create a plan and take action. So, everyday I have to start with checking on my planner with my must-to-do for the day and everything goes well. At the end of the day, I go home happy and satisfied and could never miss out to write again tomorrows activity before I go to sleep.... :)

  14. Hi Phoebe! You did my makeup for a fashion show for DLSU, you used mineral makeup and you did this awesome triangle-ish shape with an eyeshadow in my eye! So cool! Hope you remember me, coz I do! I follow your blog!

    As for planners, i have one planner for each year and my planner is like an art book filled with doodles, important dates, favorite quotes and bible verses, and my son's milestones! Its really awesome having planners because you get to look back on them and check out what you did the same time and date in the previous year compared to the date today. It makes me realize how precious time is and how we should always make everyday count! Planners also make my life easier with reminders and organizing my schedule. I always look for planners with a good quality paper and cute design and layout where I can doodle and draw as well. I plan to make my own planner for 2013, filled with cute doodles and artworks and unique handwritten letterings, plus include some encouraging quotes and verses, and some beauty and lifestyle tips! Whatcha think?

    Hope to see ya again, Phoebe! Have a blessed 2012 and may this year be as colorful and fun-filled for you! <3

  15. YES! I absolutely remember you! I hope all is awesome from your end! :)

  16. I love using planner even though my schedule is not hectic.I particularly like Korean planner because of it's cuteness.