The First Splurge of 2012

If you have a pair of Sebago boat shoes, go ahead and shoot me now for waiting 12 months before nabbing a pair! Gov told me time and time again that his Sebagos are not only very comfy but also very sturdy yet I didn't buy in an instant (maybe I was waiting for a female voice to say so?). Yesterday I gave in because also, I've declared 2012 to be the year of the preppy (ok for me at least). Button downs, polo shirts, and khakis have filled my humble closet to the brink! :)

Been eyeing the Felucca Lace (right, Php 3999.75) for a while now but I was so torn between Violet Ice (above), Yellow, and Sangria (red). I was so close to getting the Sangria but when I tried it on it looked blah on me. Yellow was great but a little too bright for my khakis so I settled with Violet Ice.

Hello beautiful!

Apart from Sebago, Sperry Top-Sider also makes super comfy boat shoes and loafers. Here's the pair I almost got (COMPLEX, Php 4295):

Women's Montauk Slip-on in Pewter Metallic Leather *hearts all over*

I say almost because I'm still waiting for a nudge from someone to get it. :) Are you a boat shoes kinda girl too? Where do you get your kicks? Shoot your recs below as I'm in dire need for more of these butter-comfy shoes! :)

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